NEW PICS + Robert Pattinson talks Idol's Eye character, Tom Sturridge in his clothes & More! "I want to continue doing ambitious projects that excite me"

NEW PICS + Robert Pattinson talks Idol's Eye character, Tom Sturridge in his clothes & More! "I want to continue doing ambitious projects that excite me"

A couple of new pics of Rob posing with journalists during the LA press junket for The Rover and 2 interviews from the round table interview. Several answers are new but many are the same as previously posted interviews in english. We included those links at the bottom if you want to check out those older interviews. It's fun to reread Rob anyway :)

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(From, translation using Google and Reverso:
Why did you sell your mansion in Los Angeles?

She was much too big for me. I'm not old enough to toil with homeowner's things like broken water pipes.

Where do you live now?

I was homeless for six months after the sale. I borrowed houses from people when they were not in the city. Now I've found a home in the Hollywood Hills that I rent. It is not too large. I barely have furniture. Some of them are from the previous tenant. The only thing I brought with me, are air mattresses. In which I sleep. (Tink: With me. Shhhhhhh) 

You have earned millions and can afford expensive equipment.

I'm not materialistic. The only thing I treat myself, are old guitars. I have 17 in my collection. My showpiece is a Gibson J100 acoustic guitar from the year 1943. Other bells and whistles such as designer clothes I do not care. However, I should go to buy clothes.


I can not find most of them. That's why I wear the jacket I'm wearing, continuously for the past two weeks. My stuff should be in any case either in a rental warehouse in Los Angeles or in my London apartment. I rather think the latter. I've just seen pictures of my old roommate Tom Sturridge, running around in my pants and shirt ... (laughs).

(Tink: Translations are always hilarious. Case in point, this bizarre change of subject LOL)

They also suffer from depression. Are you in therapy?

I would really like to try, but just the thought of it makes me nervous. I think I am a person who needs his emotional ups and downs. I'm not manic-depressive, and I cross my psycho-valleys pretty quickly.

MORE under the cut!, Robert Pattinson: "Fame is only part of this work":
On May 13 last, Robert Pattinson turned 28, an occasion which held at the Hotel Chateaux Marmont in Los Angeles, along with 20 of his best friends, but admits to being a loner who does not need much of a social life and just plays for hours a guitar from his vast collection of 17. Though Glamour magazine named him "the sexiest man in the world", is only since breaking with Kristen Stewart, his co-star in "Twilight" and sometimes belies the numerous relationships that the media will attribute. Maybe it has cost him recover from his wounds after Kristen cheated on him with director Rupert Sanders while filming "Snow White and the Huntsman". After the end of the relationship, the couple reconciled and continued living together in the 6.5 million dollar mansion in the upscale Los Feliz, Los Angeles, but eventually moved away, though he notes that are "in touch".

Celebrity English magazine included him among the wealthiest young people in the country with a fortune of $70 million; but says he is not interested in money. Even driving a battered BMW 1989, has not taken a vacation in years and he did not care about clothes. Confesses to relaxing meditating, composing his own music, a glass of wine or floating on a mattress in a friend's pool. Adds that he is a workaholic. "I have very simple tastes. No need almost absolutely nothing and desire nothing. "

We talked to the actor after the premiere of "The Rover", a kind of apocalyptic western filmed in Australia, where Pattinson is paired with Guy Pearce and is directed by David Michod. Super laughing and joking, with typical British phlegm (Tink: LOL OK, google. British phlegm.), but leaving it quite clear do not refer his former partner Kristen Stewart.

- What have you learned since the end of the saga "Twilight"?

-I get the impression that it has been more than two years; I do not know, I think it has been a gradual change. As you get older, you feel more secure.

- And how can you face the madness of the public against your person?

-What interests me is the reaction to my new movies, because I'm attracted to pretty abstract films (laughs). I'm curious to know if the fans who followed me in "Twilight," will I see in "The Rover" and my other films. Hope they do ... (Tink: I know WE *waves around the dark recesses* do!)

- Why choose a genre so different?

-Choose according to the directors I would like to work, and I feel more comfortable doing small roles. But if I choose a protagonist, a role I prefer to change my normal life, something that is totally impossible for me in real life and make me a better person.

- Where do you live now?

-During the past six years, I've only been two months in Britain, my home country. Always return for Christmas, but I do not know why, England depresses me. Now I live in Los Angeles. (Tink: With me. Rob, shhhhhh...we gotta keep it under wraps.)

- You're not living in your mansion?

-I sold it, and then I realized that I had become homeless (laughs). For 6 months, I have lived in the homes of friends that I get with my three inflatable mattresses. I sold my house, because I'm too young to be dealing with plumbing problems and stuff like that (laughs). I could live in a cell such that it has a window.

-I read that you were very nervous when you auditioned for "The Rover". How do you handle anxiety?

-I love to go to therapy, but I feel too anxious (more laughter). In a strange way, I like my anxiety up and down. I have always felt tremendous anxiety before auditions; and every time I go, I quit acting. In the case of "The Rover," David put me four hours of testing and before entering his office, I had to endure 45 minutes of my own neurosis. Luckily, he realized and left me time to calm down.

-After filming such a dark and apocalyptic as "The Rover" movie, do you plan to have children one day?

-I believe that humanity remains the same, generation after generation. And all those who predict that the world is ending, have not been right. I think that man is basically good, and would have no problems in having children, but maybe I'm answering my ignorance as well. I live a very simple life swimming in my pool all day (more laughter). (Tink: BLISS...)

- You really do not afraid of global warming and its consequences?

-I have a blind faith in humanity and I think people will not change. It is very difficult to accept that my generation for our species will become extinct. I think in the end, most will see the light and have a happy ending. People do not like good news, bad prefer that sell more newspapers. Predicting the end not produce results; however, if you give hope, maybe we can achieve something. (Tink: Hope springs eternal for Rob!)

-When you choose a movie, what you want in the story?

'Actually, I do not fixed in history, the only character I'll play. For example to year will film with Olivier Assayas; is a great cast, but I just focus on my character. It is a gangster film with a new approach and the interesting thing is the young criminal psychology I embody.

- How did it feel filming "The Rover" in Australia?

-I liked the country. Sydney only knew, but Adelaide, where we shot the film, was a totally different world. It reminded me of beautiful places in the north of Los Angeles (Tink: Awww Kate knows what he's talking about, thanks to your handy dandy LA mod). I felt calm, because we could see the horizon; there was nothing for miles and miles.

- What did you like best?

-Not harassed by the paparazzi or fans, so I was much easier to concentrate. I found it incredibly peaceful and relaxed.

- What is the worst thing that happened to you with the paparazzi?

-Once, I was followed about eight cars for ten hours, not knowing what to do. Follow me wanted to know where I lived, and I tried to throw them off. 

- How do you live fame?

-From the beginning I have dissociated from it. Just see it as part of the job. Some years ago, I lived a transitional stage because one's life really is limited and contracts; you can not do many of the things you did before. Now I do not even remember how I was my previous life, and so is easier to deal with fame.

- What are the advantages?

-Meet many people ... The other day, in London, David Beckham came to a restaurant where I was, he turned to me and greeted me. I did not know before. It's so amazing, even as a child I react in these situations. It's crazy ...

- Did you always want to act?

-I wasn't a child actor or anything. I had drama classes at school. When I turned 15 I joined a drama club, because there was a girl I liked. I worked as a scriptwriter, I never had intentions to act. Staged the play "Guys and Dolls" and then I went down a mad desire to embody the character Nathan Detroit, I became obsessed. I did not get the role, but I ended up playing a Cuban dancer. (Tink: I'm just sitting here cracking up.) Then in the play "Our Town" by Thorton Wilder, I was given the lead role; I had an agent in the audience who asked to represent me. Then I did "Vanity Fair" with Reese Witherspoon and after "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Gold" where I became Cedric Diggory.

- What kind of movies do you like?

'I've been a movie buff since my teens, and even before. When I choose scripts, I do not care that my part is small, as when I worked ten days with Werner Herzog. But to distract see everything.

- How you glimpse your future career?

I do not know. I have never guided by what the public wants or what the critics say; you can not please him at all. What makes me happiest is to work with people with a passion for films like Werner Herzog or David Cronenberg, or Michod. From age 16 to work with Herzog is a dream. I want to continue doing ambitious projects that excite me, although I do not know if the public will share my interests. I'm not interested in becoming "a Hollywood star." (Tink: You'll always be the biggest star around here, Rob! The only star really LOL)

- What do you think of David Cronenberg?

-When I went in "Cosmopolis" something changed in my mind and I knew that would make any movie with him in the future, without even reading the script. I like the faces movies and life, is a very wise person. I am happy to have worked with David on "Maps to the Stars" (film competing for the Palme d'Or at Cannes). 

- Can you describe your role?

-Bruce Wagner, who wrote the script, worked as a limousine driver in Los Angeles, and took a lot from that experience material. I play the driver in the film, one of the few normal characters in the story. It is an opportunistic type you want to be an actor or writer, but he has too much talent, it's a "chanter".

- Will you be the new Indiana Jones?

-It seems every month someone comes up with an idea like that for thousands of tweets. But I did not even know they want to do a new version up now that you ask me. (Tink: This is always so infuriating when this happens to him!)

- Do you consider yourself a happy and lucky man?

Fully-lucky, which always makes me feel a little nervous because I still do not understand why I have been so lucky, it's totally ridiculous! And I think I'm pretty happy, what more can I say? (Tink: It's not ridiculous. He just can't see what we and those close to him that love him see.)

-If you were the last day of your life, what would you do?

-Walk naked through Times Square or something (laughs). (Tink: WHY must we wait for the last day of your life, Robert?? WHY! *cries in a corner*)

Another new pic from LA press junket.
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(Rob with Herve Tropea)

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