CONFIRMED: Robert Pattinson's 'Idol's Eye' Cancelled

CONFIRMED: Robert Pattinson's 'Idol's Eye' Cancelled  

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From Gossip Cop:

Idol’s Eye, starring Robert Pattinson and Robert De Niro, has been canceled, Gossip Cop exclusively confirms.

Here’s an exclusive statement from producers to Gossip Cop: “Due to the criteria for financing not being met by producers, Benaroya Pictures has formally decided to discontinue financing the motion picture titled IDOL’S EYE. The company cannot continue to put its investment at risk and has been forced to stop cash flowing the production.”

It continues, “This is something all of us wanted to avoid, but due to the producers missing a number of financing criteria deadlines that were mutually established by all parties, we were left with no other options. Benaroya Pictures plans to retain the rights of the film and move forward with production on the picture after we generate a revised script and assemble a new filmmaking team.”

 There haven't been any official announcements but Shane Daly who is in the cast of Idol's Eye playing Officer Jones tweeted this today......

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That was then followed by these tweets from the daughter of one of the cast.

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-03at163937.png
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Another cast member Aaron Abrams has also tweeted this.......

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