5th ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge ~ Robert Pattinson is ready to be your RobHoliday muse!

5th ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge ~ Robert Pattinson is ready to be your RobHoliday muse!


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YASSSSSSSSSS!!! It's our favorite time of year on the blog and we have all the favorites returning: ROBsessed Advent Calendar, 12 Days of ROBmas4th Annual ROBsessed Awards, ROBsessed Fiction Friday Giveaways and MORE!

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We kick off the RobHoliday Season with this teaser post for the 5th ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge. We want to get our fan video makers in the mood and get our readers pumped up for some Jingle Rob, Jingle Rob, Jingle All The Way!

I was going to make a new teaser video since there was a TON of 2014Rob to choose from but I'll do that next year. I want the first RobHoliday videos we see with 2014Rob to be from our vidmakers! So let's take one last look at our trusty teaser vid. It makes me grin every time.

A challenge that was launched back in 2009, it's exciting to be celebrating our 5th anniversary for the ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge. The videos are always so cheerful and perfect for the season. We'll announce the official rules on Dec. 1st. There will be prizes for the winners but plenty of enjoyment for everyone while readers vote for their favorite ROBsessed holiday videos.

Here are some flashback videos of the fantastic winners in the ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge from 2009-2012! Kate will post more of the feel-good Robmas videos in an upcoming RobArt post.
First place winner from the 2013 ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge, OliveColouredvoice!

First place winner from the 2012 ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge, Bru SlaveforRob!

First place winner from the 2010 ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge, Janine!

First place winner from the 2009 ROBsessed Holiday Video ChallengeNoha!

Start your ROBsessed Holiday Video Challenge planning!
2014Rob is waiting for you. ;)
Official rules announced Dec. 1st!


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