Blast from the Past: Robert Pattinson on a road trip through Texas

Back in 2010, Robert Pattinson went on a road trip through Texas with his best mates Sam Bradley and Tom Sturridge.  This is the trip which gave us this awesome photo of Rob with his guitar.

Read on to find out that Rob is undouchey, knows his wine and is very very nice!

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Rob spoke about the trip in a visit to the Jay Leno show.  Hear Rob describe the trip .... singing karaoke and eating beef jerky!

Copied below are some of the great fan pics from the trip.  Some lucky fans in Lubbock Texas got these pictures.

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Rob even made the local news in Lubbock Texas when he needed a police escort to exit the bar.

And more lucky fans in Houston

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 photo 59229_682183272435_34415188_38298411_445173_n.jpg

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Rob, Tom and Sam ...

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And who knows which route Rob, Tom and Sam took but Gogle maps suggests it looked something like this...

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Eonline also wrote up the trip....
Rob was spotted having dinner with a few friends at Galisteo Bistro Sunday night in New Mexico. There were a couple of excited fan tweets, and another girl who worked at the restaurant posted on her Facebook page how Rob was "very polite, quiet, undouchey and knows his wine."

Yup, that sounds like the R.Pattz we know and love! And apparently Rob is still truckin' on east... Scruffy Pattinson, dressed in dark jeans, a dark gray tee, a white over shirt and baseball cap, was spotted out at a bar Monday night in Lubbock, Texas, where he took some pics with some very excited girls.

Rob and his boys were at Crickets Draft Bar and it eventually became so overflowed with fans, police came to escort him out the back alley where more girls were outside—some even in their pajamas they were so excited just to catch a glimpse of R.P.

Still, we're told by patrons inside the bar Rob was "very, very nice" to people who approached him. One guy in the road trip crew sang karaoke while Rob was bopping in his seat to Michael Jackson's "PYT."

So there you go... Rob is undouchey, knows his wine and is very very nice!

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