A tattooed Robert Pattinson in The Trap? We are all going to die!

Possible new details about Robert Pattinson's role in The Trap were shared on twitter today and we could not be more excited!!

Tattoo Rob is coming!!

 photo so-excited-gif3.gif

Kelsey Caesar has shared information on his twitter (@KelCaesar) about the original vision for the role from when he auditioned.  It's possible the role has changed but the description fits what we know about Rob's role ...  "surfers/skateboarders" who "shoot-out and rob a mall".  But the new information is that the character is "covered in gang tattoos".

Here's what Kelsey shared ....

image host

so something like this???

 photo fashion_scans_remastered-robert_pattinson-black_book-september_2012-scanned_by_vampirehorde-hq-6_1.jpg

This movie is going to kill us all....



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