Robert Pattinson is always so good to his fans

One of the things that we love about Robert Pattinson is how gracious he is with all of us ROBsessed fans.  Here is another fan encounter you may have missed from 2010.... This girls story shows just how keen fans are to try and see Rob and the blurry pictures prove just how exciting it can be to finally meet him.

This story also shows just how good Rob is to his fans and how hard he tries to spend time with all fans at his premieres.

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I woke up at 4:20 in the morning like every morning! I worked till 2pm at a radio station where I am currently doing an internship. Since that day was really important for Germany because our president abdicated I had to work a little longer than I wanted! I went straight to the Potsdamer Platz which is where Rob was for the press conference in the Grand Hyatt! I got there and people told me that Rob just finished to write and taking pictures with fans. So I missed him just because of 20 f-cking minutes! I was so frustrated because people were telling me that he really took his time and gave everyone everything they wanted, like he always does. I was so pissed because the last times he went to Berlin I always missed him just because of 2 meters. He always started to write autographs and stuff just beside me and this time I missed him because I was to late. 
I waited there for one hour or so and then he got out and just waved and drove away! I was really sad and not fun to be around! I met with a friend of mine and had to tell her everything. We drank tee at McDonalds just opposite the venue where the premiere took place. There were already fans but also enough space to stand in the first row on the red carpet. I thought that it would be no use to stand there for like 4 hours till the premiere because the best spaces in the first row were already taken and I thought that Rob wouldn’t go through the whole first row. That’s when another friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go with her to his hotel to look. And because I didn’t have anything to do till the premiere I agreed and went to the Hotel de Rome where he stayed the last times in Berlin. There were 12 cars from the Berlinale which were also in front of the Grand Hyatt, in which he also drove away! 
I waited there and spoke to the drivers. At first they weren’t really cooperative but then they had pity for me I think. They told me that they really didn’t know what would happen but also gave indication where and what I should do. Stupid-Me didn’t trust them. That was my fault because they told me to go to the red carpet. At 7pm people got out from the hotel, they were family I guess, but not from Rob. Even Christina Ricci came out, and then someone said that there are just the directors that had to come out. So I understood that Rob already left, certainly from the back exit! I called someone who I knew was already at the premiere and he confirmed it. I jumped into a taxi which I ordered just before. It felt as if I was in a movie. In the taxi they radio was playing and reporting that Rob was already on the red carpet etc. I got there and ran to the venue. I showed my ticket and was all of a sudden on the red carpet for the people who watched the film, not the big one for the stars. 
That’s when I realized that Rob was just beside me, just that a barrier and a couple of meters was between us. He was with his back to me and was giving autographs and stuff. I was so shocked that he was at this place from the red carpet because it was really at the end and insular. That’s when I regretted that I went to the hotel for nothing! I had to walk because securities told me that I wasn’t allowed to stay there. When I walked the red carpet down I realized that next to me there were so sooo many people who were screaming at Rob and everything felt so funny because I was alone to walk the red carpet down. When I went in the building I was led to a staircase. Just in front of this staircase was another barrier but this time a rope! You could decide of you wanted to go up to take your seat or if you wanted to wait there for the stars, because they too had to go up. 
Rob was still on the red carpet and doing press stuff and they had another entrance. I saw his family and they were all so cute. When he finally got in to the building they had to take some more photos. We had the chance to stand beside the photographs. It was just a little space, maybe 3 meters. When I first came there I was in the second row, but had a little gap to see something trough the people standing in front of me. I asked them if they could move just a little bit so I could see more. In the end they let me got in the first row because they weren’t really fan and because I told them that I absolutely wanted to have a pic with rob. Since I’m so little they let me in front of them. Then Rob came and the securities were standing in front of us. I thought that he and Christina would just go to stairs (pic) because they were just in front of us and he already took 30 minutes with the fans outside. Also the schedule for the film was already shifted because everything took so long. So I didn’t expect him to stop, but he did. 
He started to write autographs for the people next to me and I was really the only fan standing there, but people where pushing so much. It was chaotic because the barrier was so unstable and I knew if the situation would get worse he would just go up to the stairs. People were putting their stuff in my face and he finally was in front of me. I asked him: “Rob! Rob! Can I take a picture with you?” There was just a gap between us to have eye contact because people were holding there stuff in front of us for him to sign. He noticed me and told me: “Yeah sure” He finished to sign for other people behind me and went a little closer to me! In that moment I really thought: “Wahhhh! It’s dream come true!” I’m so happy I didn’t say it out loud. Out of reflex I put my hand on his shoulder, but dean just grabbed my wrist and held it so hard it was hurting, so exaggerated, I mean I understand that Rob doesn’t to be touched by everyone but you could it a little more gentle. I tried to take the pic and pushed the button twice. I looked at the display and saw it was totally blurry. Rob was already a little away! I told him: “It didn’t work!” He even came back and I took another pic and once again it was blurry. 

He really is too good to us! Look how he came back and tried again to get a good pic for her.

As the years go on it is amazing that he still is as patient and understanding.



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