ROBsessed Giveaway: Getting hot by FLIRTING WITH FIRE for Fiction Friday!

ROBsessed Giveaway: Getting hot by FLIRTING WITH FIRE for Fiction Friday!

I have a couple months worth of books to give away to you guys and when I looked at the pile, I was drawn to Flirting with Fire and The Fire Sermon. Why did the fire attract me? Rob has been back in LA for a bit and, of course, he brought the heat like he always does wherever he goes!

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So this week we're going to flirt with fire and next week we'll have a fire sermon.
Flirting with Fire is the first book in Kate Meader's Hot in Chicago series. Do you watch the TV show Chicago Fire? I do and that's all I could think about with this book. Sexy firemen foster siblings and their delicious love lives? Sign me up! The synopsis gets your imagination going too:
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Savvy PR guru Kinsey Taylor has always defined herself by her career, not her gender. That is, until she moved from San Francisco to Chicago to be with her fiancé who thought she wasn't taking her "job" of supporting him in his high-powered career seriously enough - and promptly dumped her for a more supportive and "feminine" nurse. 
But that all changes when she meets Luke Almeida, a firefighter as searingly sexy as he is quick-tempered. He's also the second oldest of the Firefightin' Dempseys, a family of foster siblings who have committed their lived to the service - if Luke's antics don't get him fired first. 
When Luke goes one step too far and gets into a bar brawl with the Chicago Police Department, Kinsey marches into Luke's firehouse and lays down the law on the orders from the mayor. 
But at Engine Co. 6, Luke Almeida is the law. And he's not about to let Kinsey make the rules.
SPICY! Flirting with Fire was release just this week on March 24th so it's hot of the presses. ;) We'll get post-apocolyptic next week with The Fire Sermon that was released earlier this month. Check out the rules....

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Good luck!!!
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Who are our winners for At the Water's Edge??
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Congrats Cathy (our US winner) and Mel (our worldwide winner)! We'll email you to get your information!

Fanfiction Friday
I haven't been reading anything new because I feel deep into the Demonica Series. So deep that we are going to have a giveaway of the first 3 books from the 11-book series, an exclusive interview with the author and a special gift! Can you tell I've made it my mission to get you guys all on board? I'm in withdrawals right now, reread my favorite book of the series and I'm now rereading the whole series again. This giveaway won't happen until May, closer to when the latest book in the series is released. Click HERE if you can't wait and want to get on board! Otherwise, you can wait until May for my full throttle endorsement. ;)
Of course, I've never left Tonio and you know we had a huge giveaway for counselor's first published story, Me and Mom Fall for Spencer, just a couple of weeks ago. Finding My Thunder is next up and will be released this Saturday, March 28th. We'll have another giveaway for this book in the next month so keep your eyes peeled. I loved this fan fiction so much and didn't expect to. I was riding the MWS love wave so hard, I didn't think anything could wipe me out again but this story did. You know how Edward is My Wounded Soldier? I feel like Bella is my wounded soldier in Finding My Thunder. It's heart wrenching, passionate, resilient and full of love. Click HERE if you want to buy NOW and simply can not wait for the Fiction Friday giveaway to roll around.
Back to Tonio and awesome news regarding Deep in the Heart of Me. On the last update, counselor let us know that we're about one more chapter away from the end. But wait...there's more! It's not the end! The story will be pulled shortly after the final chapter posts and readied for publishing. Then there will be a sequel!!! I can't tell you how ugly-cry happy I am about this. I've said time and time again that Tonio got deep in the heart of ME so to know he's not leaving us just yet - it's thrilling. And also a little scary. Do you know why? Eeeeek! I won't say since you might not be reading this yet or will wait for the published story. But I'm nervous about the sequel and the roads Tonio will travel. But I'll  be there! Every step of the way. Click HERE if you missed our great interview with counselor (Diane Munier). We'll keep chatting with this talented lady and follow the roads she travels as well.

Now can someone please cool this man off so that drought-plagued California can get a breather?
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If you want to purchase any of the latest books featured in this post, click the Amazon links to buy now!


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