Seeing Robert Pattinson in the flesh is what sweet ROBsessed dreams are made of

Seeing Robert Pattinson in the flesh is what sweet ROBsessed dreams are made of

I hadn't planned on writing this up because I honestly thought we'd get pics or more the following day. But alas! We did not. Which means I'll fill you guys in on when my eyes had seen the glory at FKA twigs' LA show last week (April 14).

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The pictures seems crazy and blasted with azure but that's a good description for how my friends and I felt - delirious and filled with bright light. Come on. You know a Rob sighting for a ROBsessed is like staring at the sun.

We were there to check out T's show. We've been before and she's incredibly mesmerizing. Also a good motivator to do some lunges and stomach crunches. After running a few miles. I'm a short gal which translates to me hating ground level for concerts. I need to be raised otherwise I bitchface the whole show. So up, up, up we went to the mezzanine level. We scored a perfect spot. Center left, directly against the rail. The only thing in front of us were reserved tables but they were dropped down enough that my view wouldn't be obstructed. Should I discuss more about the logistics or cut right to, "OHMAHGODITSROBERTPATTINSON!" That wasn't me, by the way. I go silent in his presence. That was the homegirl behind us. Alright so I'll fast forward.

The opening act had opened. The interlude music was interluding. The most gorgeous male on the planet had entered - alllllll the way down on the opposite end from where we were. I was alerted to his arrival by the giddy gal in the back and a sharp nudge from my friend on the right. I don't know if Rob wears beanies to 1. deprive his sex hair of freedom, 2. torture the world, or 3. he's just colder internally than we can possibly understand. Whatever the case may be, it makes it easy to spot him. Beanie or baseball cap are guarantees. I think if he DID let the sex hair out to party, we wouldn't recognize him. #LIE

So we stare. Along with the entire section full of guys and girls of all age, race and orientation. You can't not home in on this man. I'm serious. Even the guy with the girls behind us was commenting BEFORE Rob showed up. "So Robert Pattinson is here," full of disinterest. I know you were interested, sir! How did he know Rob was here? Was he on twitter searching hashtags? That was so amusing to me. But back to staring. While a part in me cried that he was so far away, another part was fine with this. I can't concentrate when he's close so how would I be able to pay attention to a concert if he was RIGHT THERE.

As if he heard my inner musings and mocked them, he decided to remove his jacket and walk over. YUP. Here he comes. You could feel the energy in our section buzzing. We were being graced with the presence of our Lord and Eminence. A friend of Rob's, someone we've seen in pap pics several times and dating back to even 2008, was in our section. Rob was coming over to say hi! And cause a ruckus, obviously. I took my last breath as he got closer and froze. The interaction happened right in front of us. Rob greeted his friend, met his friend's date, laughed with his friend, smiled with his friend, sipped his bottle of beer in front of his friend, gestured with his friend....uhhhhh you get the point. He was a human being with his friend yet it was the most glorious of interactions one has ever had with a friend. *CRIES*

Ok, I've got it together. I'll continue. This went on for a few minutes at which point, my friends were sagging against the rail, homegirl behind us was a chatterbox about everything ("GAHHESSOMUCHHOTTERINPERSON!"), a couple flashes were going off and I started hysterically laughing. Not loudly. Just that kind of psycho chuckle you get when you've left your dimension. I guess we should thank the security guard because he didn't like the congestion that was forming where God Rob was. He must have seen that Rob was showing no mercy upon this section so he must do so. He had Rob move a bit away from his friend and Rob shift to the middle section behind the sound engineers. Rob shrugged and made CRAZYCUTEFACE to his buddy like, "I dunno why this security guard moved me away. It's not like I can control the flock of bodies that get drawn into my orbit." Security guard was still not having it and basically shooed Rob back to his section. There was a wave bye or something. I just remember him drinking. *low voice* You know how we feel about Rob drinking something....

 photo yes.gif

By the time he returned to his area, our capabilities started to come back online. My friends had attempted some pics (the shots at the top of the post are theirs) but like I said, they're crazy and blasted with bright light just like our whole section was. You know you can still tell who it is though because there's only one like him. I didn't take any pics because (don't hate me) I know I'll see Rob again. That's me trying to rationalize but the truth is I'm just too ROBsessed to function.

It was easy to peek over at Rob every now and then. He was in a white shirt when the rest of his area wore dark colors. A beacon in the night. A light shining brightly. *siiiiighs* Enough of my metaphors. Rob sat down most of the time, bobbed to the music, clapped along with the audience and didn't leave until T left her stage. Then we just blatantly stared as he left his stage with his minions. Between Rob's radiant aura and T's hypnotic vibes, we basically floated home on a cloud of YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS.

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