Show Your Support For The GO Campaign & Robert Pattinson & #ShareTheGOLove

Show Your Support For The GO Campaign & Robert Pattinson & #ShareTheGOLove

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You all know by now how special the GO Campaign is to Rob and it's coming up to the time of the year where they hold their Go Go Gala. This year to make it extra special the GO Campaign have come up with a way to honour Rob and give his fans an extra special way to join in.

You may have already received an email about the #ShareTheGOLove in your inbox but just in case you haven't, here's more about the campaign from and details about how to donate.
"As our 8th annual GO GO Gala approaches, we have been reminiscing about Rob Pattinson’s loyalty to GO over the years, and also at the loyalty of his incredible fans! Thanks to YOU, over the last 5 we have raised over $100,000 for GO Campaign in Rob’s honor! That is a powerful testament to all of YOU and your generosity in supporting our mission, for that we want to say THANK YOU.

Over the last few days we at GO have received so many messages on our social media and inboxes and they have inspired us! We’ve been asked by Robert’s fans to create a campaign in his honor and we said YES!

HERE IS THE CHALLENGE, how much can we raise to honor Robert Pattinson and his commitment to GO Campaign and to give children opportunities??!!

Donate now to join in our #SharetheGOLove Campaign! (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)

Help us spread the word – and we want to hear from you! Tweet us, post on our social media… even sky-writing (if you have the time and know how to fly)! Tell us why are you a Rob fan, why you donate to GO Campaign, why you believe is it important to give back! And don’t forget to get those hashtags going #SharetheGOLove #RobertPattinson #GOCampaign #76812kidsandcounting

Here is what our #SharetheGOLove Campaign could help us do …

•Assist the Gatanga Furaha Community Based Organization in Kenya, which cares for 21 orphans. With your contribution, we can help make their orphanage sustainable by helping them launch an income-generating pig farm.
• Purchase computers for young adults with learning disabilities at the Will to Live Center in Vietnam. Our support will fund a job-training program, their street photography, beauty training, graphic design and IT classes for one year!
• Fund the Strategy Center in Colorado, which provides 270 ESL students access to the STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). These students don’t have the resources to excel in STEM, and this program widens their opportunities to get a better education which hopefully lead to better job prospects!

Want to see a couple of the highlights from the many projects that your $100,000 has helped us accomplish in the last 5 years?

• Thanks to you we helped build 2 new houses in Cambodia for at-risk girls. The facility where they used to live was surrounded by dangerous slums, exposed to floods and rampant disease-carrying mice, and not enough money for nutritious meals. Now, the girls have all their needs met during high school, including the opportunity for college scholarships or vocational training once they graduate! The houses were constructed in 2012 and were affectionately dubbed "The Home that Twilight Built".
• You raised thousands of dollars to support the Recycled Orchestra in Paraguay. This grant helped pay the salaries of the music teacher at the school and helped the program expand from 30 kids to 250 kids! And the most inspiring part is that they build their own instruments using recycled materials from the local landfill.

Head over to to donate and #sharetheGOlove


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