NEW: Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs with the GO GO Gala orchestra & more details from the night!

NEW: Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs with the GO GO Gala orchestra & more details from the night!

UPDATE: Added another report with details, ETonline

Photo caption: Our ambassador #RobertPattinson and his fiancé FKA twigs getting to know our Orchestra and Favio! #SharetheGOLove

Vanity Fair also had some fun details from the event. Excerpt:

McGregor was the host of the evening’s fundraiser for the GO Campaign, in a room was crowded with stars, including Robert Pattinson and his fiancée, F.K.A. Twigs—who also performed later that evening—Kate Hudson, Vin Diesel and his wife, Paloma Jiménez, Jerrod Carmichael, and Katy Perry, the latter of whom brushed past the press on the red carpet to join Pattinson and Twigs at the coolest table in the room.

The three of them sat next to each other and seemed chummy, while Twigs and Pattinson showed moderate signs of affection throughout the night. (The same cannot be said for the one random couple that somehow ended up at the table and couldn’t stop the P.D.A., though no one seemed to interact with them or know who they were.) Twigs also engaged in conversation with the director Luc Besson, who has been photographed bowing to kiss her hand in the past and apparently remains an ardent fan.

Twigs later went onstage to perform three songs, dancing in bare feet and singing about “pacifying and clarifying our love,” which seemed to put Perry in an awe-inspiring trance and got Pattinson to bang the table with applause. Following that was the auction, where 100 percent of the proceeds were given to GO’s projects on the ground to help children around the world. After Pattinson made the rounds chatting and patting backs of donors, the A-list table got down to business: Perry paid $5,500 for a Mexican-fiesta cocktail party for 50 people, McGregor’s daughter Esther got a Mexican villa vacation for $16,000, Hudson gave $1,000 to help pay for the salaries of music teachers, Jiménez gave $3,500 for an instrument made of trash, and Pattinson got a Peruvian adventure for $8,500. Twigs looked happy; honeymoon, perhaps?

Excerpt from ET online:

When the 29-year-old heartthrob wasn't working the room at the star-studded gala at the Montage Beverly Hills, he spent his time cozying up to Twigs, his arm draped around the "Glass & Patron" songstress' shoulders. The pair talked and laughed with their tablemates, including Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, Jerrod Carmichael, director Luc Besson, and Vin Diesel and wife Paloma Jiménez. The media-shy duo attended the charity auction to help raise money for the GO Campaign to benefit orphans and vulnerable children around the world. Earlier this month, Pattinson announced he had become the organization's first celebrity ambassador.


Twigs, real name Tahliah Barnett, performed three of her songs at the event in her trademark ethereal style, and at one point, brought four teens from the Recycled Orchestra -- a Paraguayan music program supported by the GO Campaign -- to accompany her onstage with their homemade instruments. At the end of the brief set, Pattinson showed his appreciation by banging enthusiastically on the table while Perry led the room in a standing ovation for the 27-year-old singer. That should help quiet the persistent rumors that Perry and Pattinson's relationship is anything more than platonic.


Before Twigs took to the stage, Pattinson ponied up during the charity auction to help keep girls in school in rural Congo and build a music school in Paraguay. Judging by the smile on FKA Twigs' face, the big win, however, was definitely Pattinson's successful bid for a six-night Peruvian adventure for two.

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