Robert Pattinson gives his two cents on rising distribution star, A24 (The Rover, Good Time)

Robert Pattinson gives his two cents on rising distribution star, A24 (The Rover, Good Time)

UPDATE: I missed these other remarks from Rob in the article! That's criminal :( He gave way more than 2 cents. I should have known. He's such a giver :))
Better late than never:
Pattinson: I mean, with Twilight, the first tour we did was literally going to suburban shopping malls and doing local-news stuff. And I think that really helped the movie. But I think in experiences since then, doing mid-budget or relatively low-budget movies, if you try to do a toned-down version of that—I’ve just seen it not work, again and again and again. And so with [The Rover], they took that into account, and instead of blowing loads of money, [they did] more targeted marketing and also really sophisticated online campaigns and stuff. They just seem like they’re the first company that’s really abandoned a lot of the old models.

Pattinson: They’re definitely the place to be now. I mean, I have no idea what they’re doing, really. They’re just on it. They have a very good understanding of the Zeitgeist. You get a movie with them and it represents something. Everybody was talking a few years ago how cinema had died. And I think A24 and companies like that are—you know, people want to go to the cinema. People want to see movies. And I think they’re creating a kind of renaissance in filmmaking. They’re making people want to go to the cinema again to see this kind of stuff, rather than staying at home. People had thought that entire part of the industry had just died. And you can really see over the past few years, it really, really hasn’t at all. And I think it is down to companies like A24.
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Rob has a film back in the hands of A24 with Good Time, coming to the US this summer and premiering this month at the Cannes Film Festival, in competition! The distribution company brought The Rover to the screen back in 2014 and they snatched up Good Time last fall. The company has also had recent success winning Best Picture for their film Moonlight at a little known award show called The Oscars. ;)

GQ profiled A24 in an article titled How A24 is Disrupting Hollywood and spoke to some folks that have worked with them about their thoughts on the company's rise. Rob, of course, was totally Rob:
Robert Pattinson (actor, ‘The Rover,’ ‘Good Time’): It’s crazy that there is an article about a distribution company. That’s completely nuts.
You can just see his bewilderment and amusement can't you? Click HERE to read the whole article!

Source: GQ


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