VIDEO: Hommage To Robert Pattinson At Deauville Festival

VIDEO: Hommage To Robert Pattinson At Deauville Festival
Added transcript of Bérénice Bejo's Tribute to Rob at the bottom of the post after the cut

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Transcript of Bérénice Bejo's Tribute to Rob (thanks to Sunny)

My dear Robert. The first time I saw you in the screen was in august 2008. With my bf's daughters. Twilight. I remember it very well.It was very cool. My bf & I were too old to get some parts, but one thing was obvious when I was watching it: your charisma.It's something that you can't explain. That you can't invent. That you're can't make.

The first time I saw you was in Cannes. It was in 2011. The whole croisette was only talking about you.The first time I really saw you was in 2012 in Cannes. Again. I watched Cosmopolis. You were amazing. IntenseIt was in that moment that I started forgetting about the vampire, and I wasn't the only one.You left without a prize that you could've won but you had a new place in the industry of cinéma.By making Cosmopolis, you made an important choice, by following the steps of actors who knew how to use their stardom in indies.

You came back to Cannes in 2014 in competition with Cronenberg. And I was too, but unlike me, it went very well for you.I remember that once again we were talking about you in the croisette... about that great role that you played with malice.and then, one day, we finally met. It wasn't in Cannes, and it wasn't a coincidence. It was planned by Brady CorbetIt was in 2015 in Budapest. The movie was The Childhood of a Leader. You had a supporting role. And I found it very classy.Brady talked about you all the time before filming. After so many conversations about you, I imagined a very different Rob in my head.A Rob that I would meet, hang out with, work with and with whom I would exchange a human role. Not Robert Pattinson the star. Only Rob.Brady Corbet loves you very much. Without you, he wouldn't have made his movie. At least, not like he did.So thank you. It's a beautiful film and I'm very proud of it.In this movie, you played my husband's friend that we imagine being my lover. I say "imagine" because nothing is shown.I say that because I really don't like playing love scenes, but with you.. hmm.. *audience laughs* It's not really easy to be an actress.But anyway, life is long and I'm very optimistic. *giggles*

I remember something very special about you. As an actor, you really impressed me. You made with a Brady a very special character.You shaved your head&your face was transformed. You did that again tonight. And you succeeded in expressing an astonishing inner violence.You had fun. With yourself. With your image. With acting. There were days where you had pages of texts & you worked with great precision.Scene after scene. You left nothing to chance.There were other days where you were only an extra, and you were there. In a military costume. Waiting. Watching. Listening. Available.You were very discreet. Very professional. And always ready for work. I was happy to discover this Robert Pattinson. Rob.then later, there was the Rob out of set, the one who's always hiding under a beanie, who blushes, who speaks softly, who always smiles.the one who smiles all the time in a very charming way, the one who does not resemble his characters of Cosmopolis & LCOZ in any way.The biggest actors were always like this. Serving history. Serving directors.

You seem to always choose the role that are the farthest from your character.In Budapest, you didn't always keep the mystery around you because we managed to discuss many things.We talked about our loved ones. With respect and modesty. And we talked about cinéma. A lot.I discovered that you were a cinéphile. That you had amazing and startling opinions about cinéma, especially french cinéma.For me, you're a very rich human being. Full of contradictions but at the same time, very coherentWe imagine you in a certain way, but in reality, you're someone else. It's the big actors' strength.They cover their tracks to avoid being put in a box. You confuse us in order to surprise us, and it works.

A few days ago, I was explaining to my son Lucien, 9 y/o, that I wouldn't be home this weekend because I had to give a reward to Rob.My son looked at me and asked me, why this honor? Is this Rob going to stop acting and quit cinéma?My dear Robert, I hope you won't stop here. It would be a shame. Continue to impress and surprise us.I know your movie Good Time will be released next Wednesday, & based on the few review I read, I see you managed to hide very well again.You look like nothing we've seen you in before.This movie was in competition in Cannes this year. And I was there too. This thing about you, me & Cannes is really funny.My movie is being released next Wednesday too! So, you know what? I hope your film succeeds... but only a little. You have to leave some success for the others.Rob, I'm very happy tonight to give you this award that you deserve, and I wish you good continuation of your magnificent career.


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