Great NEW Photos Of Robert Pattinson Being Adorable In Deauville

Great NEW Photos Of Robert Pattinson Being Adorable In Deauville

Two lucky ladies called Bertille & Gwen snapped some great photos of Rob in Deauville and shared them online. Sharing is caring y'all.

 photo 1.jpg  photo 3.jpg  photo 2.jpg  photo 5.jpg  photo 4.jpg

Bertille also blogged about her experience. Read her blog over HERE

Check out all the great photos AFTER THE CUT

Bertille's Photos
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 photo IMG_9151.jpg  photo DSC_0490.jpg  photo DSC_0489.jpg  photo DSC_0481.jpg  photo DSC_0480.jpg  photo DSC_0472.jpg  photo DSC_0444.jpg  photo DSC_0461.jpg  photo DSC_0452.jpg  photo DSC_0459.jpg  photo DSC_0440.jpg  photo DSC_0423.jpg  photo DSC_0442.jpg  photo DSC_0426.jpg  photo DSC_0420.jpg  photo DSC_0418.jpg  photo DSC_0417.jpg  photo DSC_0282.jpg  photo DSC_0157.jpg  photo DSC_0412.jpg  photo DSC_0406.jpg  photo DSC_0404.jpg  photo DSC_0403.jpg  photo DSC_0146.jpg  photo DSC_0142.jpg  photo DSC_0137.jpg  photo DSC_0134.jpg  photo DSC_0139.jpg  photo DSC_0141.jpg  photo DSC_0132.jpg  photo DSC_0125.jpg  photo DSC_0127.jpg  photo DSC_0130.jpg  photo DSC_0120.jpg  photo DSC_0126.jpg  photo DSC_0129.jpg  photo DSC_0117.jpg  photo DSC_0116.jpg  photo DSC_0108.jpg  photo DSC_0110.jpg  photo DSC_0112.jpg  photo DSC_0106.jpg  photo DSC_0105.jpg  photo DSC_0103.jpg  photo DSC_0104.jpg  photo DSC_0100.jpg  photo DSC_0101-2.jpg  photo DSC_0101.jpg  photo DSC_0100-3.jpg  photo DSC_0099.jpg  photo DSC_0093.jpg  photo DSC_0098.jpg  photo DSC_0095.jpg  photo DSC_0094.jpg  photo DSC_0091.jpg  photo DSC_0092.jpg  photo DSC_0088.jpg  photo DSC_0087.jpg  photo DSC_0084.jpg  photo DSC_0079.jpg  photo DSC_0086.jpg  photo DSC_0081.jpg  photo DSC_0078.jpg  photo DSC_0072.jpg  photo DSC_0062.jpg  photo DSC_0063.jpg  photo DSC_0061.jpg  photo DSC_0064.jpg  photo DSC_0065.jpg  photo DSC_0071.jpg

Gwen's Photos
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 photo 37022402765_315afb35f2_o.jpg  photo 37022402565_40e7f5114d_o.jpg  photo 37022398025_9b62deafd3_o.jpg  photo 36881530361_3ab1ddcf0e_o.jpg  photo 37022398175_4c383837dc_o.jpg  photo 36881530461_96ecd5c57a_o.jpg  photo 36881525331_2ee0c74e9f_o.jpg  photo 36851171662_af2b317d33_o.jpg  photo 36881530281_031fcff87e_o.jpg  photo 36851171752_10b9145eba_o.jpg  photo 36851171622_6f56724077_o.jpg  photo 36851171352_ea6f3cb63a_o.jpg  photo 36851171592_2b0696e119_o.jpg  photo 36851171552_a6918f0473_o.jpg  photo 36851171512_09569c09ef_o.jpg  photo 36851171482_92fa744456_o.jpg  photo 36851171412_87e777e860_o.jpg  photo 36851170782_b1771d1761_o.jpg  photo 36214317673_34aafcbd1c_o.jpg  photo 36851170742_407b7b8ee2_o.jpg  photo 36214316723_34bb6d8628_o.jpg  photo 36214316403_d28c0f364d_o.jpg  photo 36214316263_98f6074492_o.jpg  photo 36214316073_135dd50472_o.jpg  photo 36186785284_ae72004c02_o.jpg  photo 36186782894_ba3c637180_o.jpg  photo 36186782654_8b3ac05e92_o.jpg  photo 36186782604_6d8b4a5cd4_o.jpg  photo 36186781244_230b930982_o.jpg  photo 36186781364_84c9ae14c0_o.jpg  photo 36186782344_249b339a4a_o.jpg  photo 36186778334_5b12f0a10e_o.jpg  photo 36186779254_5a56e713f7_o.jpg  photo 36186779204_6d2fccca2e_o.jpg  photo 36186773604_9ec28c4993_o.jpg  photo 36186773424_d3af1a865e_o.jpg  photo 36186773314_9582749273_o.jpg  photo 36186772184_b752b38d2a_o.jpg  photo 36186772734_758534b847_o.jpg  photo 36186772284_eb4e4a9818_o.jpg  photo 36186772474_ac230b73b6_o.jpg  photo 36186772584_1603f442f9_o.jpg  photo 36186772974_c31820a8ce_o.jpg

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Thanks Nancy for the heads up!


bertille02 said...

Thanks for tagging me on your post ! Happy that you liked the pictures ;)


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