Dark Horizons.com Interview- Really good one!

This is an amazing interview, if you have a chance read the entire thing. Rob impresses me more each day with his honesty and charm. This one is a winner, or a prize...maybe both.

British actor Robert Pattinson had no idea what he was letting himself in for when he auditioned for, and won the plum role, of brooding vampire Edward Cullen, in the much anticipated film version of the best selling novel "Twilight".
Though he had exposure, to some extent, with big movies such as "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", nothing, it seems has prepared him for the fame and adulation of "Twilight", fame that has brought him to tears, as he confided to Paul Fischer.

Question: So, are you particularly prepared for the teenage female frenzy that is going to surround this movie, but you in particular? Which apparently seems to be in the cards.
Pattinson: I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know why it still shocks me. I mean, I’ve been going for the last three weeks, just going to different cities all around the world, just to get to these planned mobbing, where everybody just screams and screams and screams. But every single time, I get so nervous, and kind of cold sweats, and everything. So I doubt that I am ready.
Question: So that’s how you react to the screams and the frenzy?
Pattinson: Every single time. I started crying in Italy. Like, completely involuntarily. Question: Really?
Pattinson: Yeah. Like, do you know when you have the wrong reaction to something? It was really embarrassing. I didn’t even know I was. Kristen, I think, turned around to me. And she’s like, “Are you crying?” I just found out there’s a whole pile of stuff. So. Yeah. I started crying when people are screaming at me. I really didn’t think that would happen.
Question: Conversely, did you pay any attention to any of the on-line complaining? “Oh, he’s not right. It should have been this person or that person.” Did you pay any attention to that?
Pattinson: I did at the beginning, for a little bit. I was expecting it, but I kind of – I agree with them.
Question: Why?
Pattinson: I don’t know. I completely expected it. That’s the reason I didn’t want to go in for the part initially, because it’s really putting yourself out there. You say, like, “Oh, yeah. I think I can play this part, the perfect guy. Best-looking guy in the whole world.” It was like – even going in for the audition, I felt like a bit of an idiot going into the audition. I felt pre-judged by anyone who turned up to the casting. It’s like – I mean, I just thought even having the gall to go in means you’re a bit of an arrogant prick.

This is a long interview too much to post all of it so go HERE to the source and read the rest.
Amy thanks for the link too..great minds do think alike.


Amy said...

I had this link on the last post as well. Ahhh Dani, we really have the same mind, haha

Great interview!!! & some quotes below Awe, you can tell the boy misses London...

Question: Going back to the probably enormous girl fan base that you will gain after this movie – I mean, you’ve really exploded on the scene lately. You’re on Perez probably at least once a week. How are you dealing with dating in Hollywood? Do you avoid it? Are you seeing anyone for those teenybopper girls out there to know?

Pattinson: I’m not dating anyone. I mean, I theoretically don’t avoid it. But it’s weird. There’s like – you have to issue – I mean, it’s strange. I’ve been going to the same places every time I go to LA, because they’re the only places I know. And now everybody kind of knows me in those places. So it’s like – I don’t know. Just knowing that people will talk about stuff, and – you know. It’s very uncomfortable. And also, if you try and chat people up, everyone’s like, “Oh, he’s such an – you’re just an actor. You probably go around sleeping with everybody.” So it kind of has the converse effect of what you would have thought.

Question: Are you not moving to LA? Are you interested in making that leap?

Pattinson: I think there’s no reason to. I mean – and also, London’s in my heart. I need it. And I haven’t been there for a very long time.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

I really hope he can go home and have some time in London for the holidays, and or until his next movie begins in January. The guy needs a break after all the Twilight promo/premieres!

I wonder when the UK premiere will happen?

Dani said...

AMY!!! I HEART YOU! I want to say this is my new favorite interview could he be more honest. I think he has his head on very strait and understands way more about LA and the whole scene then we give him credit for.

Kat said...

Goz and Dani - just sent you an e-mail with some videos from AFF. I'm so happy that someone (thank you whoever you are) captured me meeting Rob on video! I didn't realize I wrapped my arm so far around him - naughty naughty!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad he is going to come back to London.
The guy needs santity!

Dani said...

Kathryn I can't post vids til I get home but maybe Goz can, Yay for you though any chance to be that close you take advantage, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

Oh and WELCOME ABS if I haven't said that before, I like to say hello to everyone who posts glad to have you here, and I too am glad he is going back to London. Its his home and LA is not for Rob.

Anonymous said...

Run Rob! Run back to London as fast as your mountain goat slash cheese string run will take you!

Run from the Twilight promo (aka porno) events as fast as you can.

We will admire from afar as always.

kristen said...

This is a terrific interview. I really liked the part where he talks about how he and Kristen interpreted Edward and Bella's roles, and how they sort of changed the dynamic of the relationship. How in the meadow scene, Kristen really took on a protective and comforting role. Can't wait to see them bring that scene to life!

And I love how honest he is - he is not scared of talking about his vulnerabilities.

Dani said...

Lyla you hit it on the head, he really isn't shy about anything regarding his personal faults or insecurities he is right out there with it. Very open this one, and honest and puts him in a very vulnerable position.

I love that he and K Stew were a team, like changing the script and the scene changes to suit the roles and their acting. He wanted this movie to be good, not tween good, a movie that more people can relate to.

kristen said...

I know, I love that Rob and Kristen became such a team - I'm sure the producers didn't have a chance in hell of convincing them to do something that they didn't want to do, or to play their parts in a way that they didn't agree with. I love that. They are so passionate about their work and don't put up with any bullshit. Which is seriously such an admirable thing in Hollywood - most actors are like, yeah, I'll do whatever you say as long as you pay me lots of money. Rob and Kristen make sure that if their name is stamped on something, it better be damn good, or at least their own vision.

Jewels64 said...

I had been flipping to the blog back and forth on my phone all day at work. Then I had to take my wee one to the doctor.

Frustration much? I can't post comments from my phone, but i swear i was checking this damn thing at least once an hour today!

Great interview. So nice to be able to comment....

Jewels64 said...
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