EW Interviews Stephanie Meyer about Twilight and Rob

Stephanie Meyer talks to EW Online about Twilight and Rob
Here is a snip below that mentions Rob click the headline to link to the site and read whole interview

What do you think of Rob Pattinson?
He's a very mesmerizing person to be around. He's got such a compelling personality. I don't think you'd want him for a boyfriend. And you couldn't just be his friend because he's terribly sexy!

Were you worried when fans were outraged over his casting?
It broke my heart. Because I've had my tiny bit of celebrity, I'm aware of how hurtful those things can be. I apologized to him for ruining his life. He said his mom was sending him links like, ''Oh no, they called you a gargoyle!'' They just raked him over the coals. The way he took it was a lot more positive than the way I would've handled it. He was like, ''I'm going to prove them wrong. I'm going to go out there and prove them wrong.'' The movie hasn't come out yet and he's won over 99.9 percent of the people who didn't approve of him as Edward. And when they see the movie, oh my gosh, there's no way not to love him! It's really too bad in some ways because Twilight is going to be limited by the fact that this is a vampire romance and it's basically aimed at teens. If not for that, his performance in my opinion is Oscar-worthy.

Disappointment Alert-She says there is only ONE kissing scene!

Why did you demand that Edward and Bella's big kissing scene be toned down?
The problem is if you're going to continue with the other movies, there's a very gradual build to their physical relationship. And what Edward is capable of when he first meets Bella changes very much by the time he's become more committed to the relationship. They reshot the first kiss scene and actually added a special effect and some really cool things that added so much. And it's the only kiss scene.

Thanks to Amy and Betsy for finding this, although I am personally upset about the kiss thing.


Anonymous said...

I think what SM meant to say was "I don't think you'd want him for JUST a boyfriend. You'd want to crazy glue yourself to him so you were permanently attached."

What? Like I'm the only one who dreams about things like that?

Goz & Dani - love, love this site. I haven't posted for a while.

Rusharthi said...

^^ Absolutly agreee!
I wouldn't be surprised if Rob wins the oscar someday. He definetly has potential. I was really dissapointed while reading this article about Midnight Sun. 2 years is too long. Thats only when she's going to start writing it...so probably another year with editting and publishing it. Very dissapointed :(

Kat said...

Dani... there is a new interview with Rob at http://twilightersanonymous.com/component/option,com_mojo/Itemid,/p,819/

Don't think I've seen it before...

Emily said...

There's no doubt we would all love more than one kissing scene but I do sort of see SM's point about it. There's so much sexual tension and build up to that point that I'm sure we'll all be left breathless after that one scene. And it is still two hours of Rob so there's no way we'll be disappointed. Heck, I would watch him do anything, knit even, for days if I could. Actually, that could be quite mesmerizing with those delicious fingers of his.
aj - totally agree with what you said. And no, you're not the only one who dreams about that, among other things.

Anonymous said...

how come they not commit to the book about the kissing scene?...just one?!!

Dani said...

The book has several like 4 or 5 kisses. PISSIN me off with this one kiss thing. I wonder if she is just saying that to make it a surprise. SM never has struck me as being in the know.`

Lynn said...

Dani---agreed, I wonder the same...SM is known for her blocks!

Anonymous said...

maybe she meant that only one kissing scene was toned down... i hope!

Anonymous said...

Dear Twiligh,
I think Robert Pattinson did prove them all wrong! His acting is amazing and I absolutly love the movie. It doesn't even seem like him because his acting is so overwhelming. "exilent job!"
With the one kiss scene I think its great that everything doesn't happen all at one and in just one movie! It makes it waaayy more romantic! I thought through out the whole movie it was breathless, personally I think *Edward is the perfect guy every girl dreams of!*
The books are great too, even though I personally thought in the first book, they seemed to fight and bitch a lot at eachother and I was waiting for them to stop and enjoy themselves! Anyways thanks for reading keep up the amazing work! Ashton B

Tou Tou said...

i loove Edward he's everything i dream of .... I WANT AN EDWARD CULLEN! and i read the midnight draft on her web it is sooo amazing plzzz finish it and publish it. i will buy it and read it over and over again. is sooo cute to see things in Edward's point of view and how he doesn't know that he loves her. awww i always dream to one day find my Edward Cullen .... :)

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