EW Online Interview w/ Rob Part 5

Thought the post needed a picture. 
We haven't seen one in too many posts!
Robert takes the fans questions in this latest edition to the EW Online interviews w/ Rob go here to see the newest interview as well as the ever delicious previous interviews 1-4. 


p r i s c a said...

Yes, a picture def can't hurt.


Anonymous said...

Dani I stayed awake until 12:00 a.m. to offically say
Happy Birthday today, Dani!
Now I'm off to bed

Dani said...

thank you Jov! You're the sweetest. I am off to bed too a very wise and mature..oh who am I kidding...im just very 26 today.

La Stella said...

Happy Birthday Dani..
I'll send even more vibes so Jude, Rob (or one of the others you said) goes to your house and cooks the spaghetti the way you want it ;)

Dani said...

Estrellas you are a blogger after my own heart. Jude Law, Jackson Rathbone, Rob Pattinson...the list goes on of the men who I would gladly invite to cook Italian naked in my kitchen. I need all the good vibes I can get. And hey its midnight, I could make a birthday wish!

La Stella said...

LOL Dani, btw.. I'm stella-star in the IMDb board.. just so you don't think I'm weird or a psychic that knew about your plans for them!

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