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Dani: That look puts the fear in me...wowza!

How have you been handling fame? How has your life changed?

At the moment not a huge amount. I’m just going from place to place. It’s so new to me I can’t really be jaded. It’s not really going to my head because I don’t even know what it is. It’s strange how you get treated differently by people in a very brief amount of time. When you ask someone to go out to dinner they’re like, “Do you want me to?” It’s like, “What are you talking about, why would I have asked you?!” Funny little things like that happen.
How are you handling the hype surrounding the movie, like what happened the other day in San Francisco [in which a girl’s nose was broken and another fainted]?
It’s just kind of weird. I know it can’t be to do with me personally, because the movie is not even out. You’re kind of turning up not really knowing what to do for the people that turn up. People are saying, “I traveled four states and have been waiting since nine o’clock yesterday to do this and it’s like, “Yeah? Cool?” When I go I guess I’m trying to promote it, but I’m not even promoting it. I’m just there to get screamed at. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s a surreal experience.

Is the emotional or physicality of your role easier to play?
A lot of the physicality is quite difficult because I’m not that much of a body actor. I don’t have that much control over my body. You had to establish a whole matrix of movement so it didn’t look human. I guess that was really difficult because it had to be really concentrated, since there was so many [movements].

What’s the first thing you plan to do once the craziness of this thing blows over?
I was getting quite scared the other day. When I go back to London, the only thing I’ve done all year was go around to cities and have people scream at me and stuff and ask things like “What’s it like to play the most beautiful person in the world?” I’m going to go back and start talking to my friends, being like “Yeah, well this other person asked me how is it to play the most beautiful person in the world and then I went to this room and there’s five thousand people screaming at me.” I feel like I have nothing to talk about to my friends anymore. It’s going to really destroy me when I go back home.
How does it fit in with any future career goals?
I’ve been playing kind of a string of loner parts for a while, and this is kind of the king of the loner parts. Hopefully I’m going to go into a thing where you actually have some kind of normal relationship with the rest of humanity. I think every role I played has some sort of derangement, so I hope in the next thing I do I can be relatively normal.
There’s an immense sexual tension in these books between Edward and Bella. Do you have any type of trick to build up that connection?
There’s definitely some kind of connection. I don’t know if it’s sexual tension or whatever it was, but I guess we never really talked to each other on the set. There was a lot of awkward silences, since neither of us really knew each other the whole time, and I guess that kind of helped. There’s a lot of stuff you can do. I went to Oregon two months early and just obsessed myself with the story, so when everyone else came up they were like “Oh God, what is this guy on?” I guess the more in depth you get with the part the more involved you get and the more of yourself you see in the lines. It all just kind of binds I guess.
Stephenie Meyer said she listened to a lot of Linkin Park when she was writing the book. Did you listen to any of the bands she listened to?(Dani's note SM is a bit of a badass for loving the Linkin Park they are one of my faves)
I was listening to a lot of girl acoustics, like some depressing stuff. Some Alila Diane – who actually lived in Portland – a composer called Georgy Ligeti, who I thought was kind of relevant. It was kind of the opposite of what Stephenie was listening to. She has very hard, almost punk stuff, and I listened to really depressing acoustic stuff.

A lot of the book deals with instant love or love at first sight. Do you believe in it, and believe it’s ever lasting?
I kind of do, I believe in both. I think the instances in which I’ve experienced what you think is love at first sight… you’re always too scared to talk to the person. That always ends up lasting for longer. And if you never talk to them, you think it lasts for the rest of your life! [Laughs.] I kind of do.
How do you think your portrayal of Edward differed from Stephenie Meyer’s character?
It’s weird because I thought I was doing something different. But now Stephenie has seen it and she’s like “You did it exactly how I imaged it” and I thought, “Really?”
Go HERE for the full article, it is quite long but Dani picked out the best parts.
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La Stella said...

Here is yet another interview. LOL.


He has worked his ass off. If someone needs a break, it's definitely him.

Dani said...

Yikes another interview! Goz thanks for reposting I was working on it but you are too fast for me. I don't know what the heck was with the post but it looked all weird. Anywho you are working your ass off tonight too fab job.

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