Info about Rob's Much Music Appearance-November 15th

Here is some info from our own Amy :-) We think y'all should make way for Amy to meet Rob because she is all kinds of awesome and works hard to keep this site up to date!

Some news about the MuchMusic event here in Toronto on the 15th. Wristbands were given out today and apparently a few hundred people - around 300 or so were lining the block around the Chum building to get them.(see the above picture) And yesterday people were camped out all night to get them as well - Seems like everyone here is super excited for their appearance!!! So there will also be a stage outside so the interview will be conducted inside and outside as well - which is very good news :) They do this all the time for stars with a large fan base and because A LOT of people could potentially show up to this because the building is on a corner block and there is a lot of standing room. All in all, sounds like their appearance here is going to be awesome.

Amy also says: And she says:

This makes me smile. My fellow Canadian fans waiting in the freezing cold to get wristbands, haha. Can I just say to all the people who waited, YOU ROCK.

Check out these pictures


Anonymous said...

You go Amy! Give him a big smoocheroo for all of us.

There is a review of Rob's music here but this is the important part:

Rob Pattinson, who plays Edward in the film, is a musician himself, and contributes the simple and effective “Never Think,” an inclusion that refreshingly doesn't come off as a crass marketing gimmick (“OMG, teen vamp hottie sings!”) thanks to his superb vocal skills. Actually, word has it director Catherine Hardwicke quickly opted for the song after hearing a CD of Pattinson's earlier material. If he ends up riding the film's in-the-bag success to a decent recording contract, I'd wager he's off to a pretty good start here, and could be a name to watch in the future.

Dani said...

YAY AMY!! Give him some sweet Canadian love from us all.

Jewels64 said...

Go Amy! You brave those elements, the high decibel screaming, the total craziness of it all! God bless ya Girl! Send him our love from all the gals here at Robsessed!

Anonymous said...

I went today at Noon thinking not THAT many people would be lined up considering majority of fans or school age and what not...boy was I wrong!
I circled around the block just to get a sense of how many people there was to the front and started counting (since I knew there would only be 200 wristbands handed out)...and lost count at about 320!!
It literally rapped around the whole 4 blocks surrounding the building! Now that's Twilight (or RPatt <3) dedication!
I asked the girls at the very front when the got there and they said 3PM Monday that point I knew waiting in line wouldn't get me a wristband...but I do plan on going back Saturday night to grab a good spot outside.

Gozde said...

Oh wow Linda, it really is craziness! Hope you get to see him on monday :-))

Amy said...

Queen Street and John will most definitely be shut down for this. The studio is probably getting the barricades ready for Saturday.

Awe Linda, I feel your pain! I honestly forgot about the whole wristband thing, so I didn't attempt at getting one. And I didn't have the time to wait either. Love that people did though, especially in the bitter cold. We have some dedicated Twilighters here in Toronto ;)

Dani said...

Welcome Linda you are a trooper. Some serious love for Rob!

That picture is killing me! What a witty bunch of folks living in the North.

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