Official Twilight Discussion Thread-Spoilers Galore

Okay ladies, comment away :-) For those of you that have not seen it/won't be seeing it for months etc: I feel your pain.

According to Variety Twilight made $7 million on the midnight shows and the estimated box office for the weekend is over $50 million!!! I don't know why but I got chills writing this LOL. I'm like a proud mama.


DirtyD said...

For those that have seen it, did you love it or was it just ok? I was just over on yahoo's twilight page reading user reviews and they were almost all bad. Saying the acting was bad, the directing was bad....blah blah blah...What did you all think? I think it's going to be great from the clips i've watched. Am i wrong?

Lynn said...

Dana---I went in with CH expectations, she is a genius unto her own and I trusted her creative direction. With that said and the limitations of the budget, I think that she did a phenomenal job. And, Rob and Kristen did superbly, I love, love, love how they brought their personal touches to Edward and Bella.

I think that you have to walk in with an open and remind yourself that this a teen genre film. It's not going to be Oscar worthy or have groundbreaking, over the top acting, it is what it is...and I loved it!

BTW, Rob's shivering (probably due the actual temperature and the moment) in the forest was all too apparent and endearing. I kept thinking, OMG, the vampire's cold.

Jewels64 said...

OMG!OMG!OMG!Just got back from seeing the movie! HOLY SHIT! I feel like i was just made love to by Rob Pattinson for 2 hours!

Loved, loved, loved it. It was spotty in some areas, but how the hell KStew could do what she did and literally not fall apart, fall in love, fall in bed with Rob is beyond my comprehension!

CH definately needs a bigger budget. They did well with what they had and overall, I satisfied. Now I need and drink an a cigarette! LOL!

Jewels64 said...
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Lynn said...

Jules---wasn't he just magical? I told Dani how I was pounding the side of my friend's seat and I screamed when Rob came on the screen for the first time.

Jewels64 said...

I am so in love with him! I'm just waiting for the Ellen show to end to get another dose of him! I dvr'd it!

He was scrumpdillyumptious!

Jewels64 said...

I left a mark on my chair during the bedroom scene.

Taylor! Taylor Lautner surprised the hell out of me. He was hot! That little exchange between he and Rob at the end rocked!

DirtyD said...

Thanks Lynn---> Even with all the snarky comments and reviews I am still excited to see it. I'm counting down the hours (5 more to go)! Plus, for those that have seen it on this board- you all have good things to say about it and I trust your judgement much more than nasty yahoo reviewrs! We all seem to be on the same page here when it comes to Rob and Twilight.

Jewels- made love to by Rob huh. My head is spinning now. I think I'm gonna have to drink BEFORE the movie now and play off any giggling and swooning in front of my husband as being intoxicated!

Jenny said...

I just saw it. I loved it. Loved it so much. I love what the director did, I loved Kristen, I loved Rob, I loved everything. I found it to be such a deep experience, Catherine makes film art, better than life. Oh god I am such a fan.

~MindyMc said...

Did our lovely man rock the eyes or what? His intro scene knocked the wind out of me. HIS EYES, Aaarrrrgggghhhhh.
The chemistry between these two is hypnotic magic. I laughed so hard at the scene where he's holding his nose in lab and she smell checks herself. LMAO! (I also loved the wings-we know, after all, he's an angel) There was a lot more humor than I expected~It was wunnerful!!!! I can't wait to see it again tonight!

Lynn said...

I just realized I meant open Twibrain is on the fritz.

mm---yes, the chemistry was intoxicating and the humor was hilarious>

Jenny said...

mm YES. Our man was magic.

Oh my gosh, I just don't understand how anyone could say this is bad, that makes me so so sad. Actually it makes me want to fight them lol!!!

Dana, they on say on yahoo that the acting is bad??? This boggles my mind. The performances are incredible!!! Kristen is so transparent and Rob is so really and truly magical! It's like being in their skins for two glorious hours!

Are people so jaded by the publicity tour, the endless repetitive questions asked to the cast, the pimping out of the actors, the pushed expectations pumped up by the viral internet, oh god they hype of the hot topic malls tours, fox news repots etc, have done a grave disservice to the film?

Jewels64 said...

Somebody asked me if that owl in the biology class was Hedwig from Harry Potter! LOL!

Anonymous said...

There is a lovely video of Rob biting Tyra's neck I so wanted to be Tyra that was so Hot

La Stella said...

Jewel-- I did as promised, my mind was in the gutter the whole time, and I kept giggling in places where no one was laughing. My sister just looked at me with a WTF face all the time.

Girls-- I absolutely loved it. I honestly didn't think I would, I just thought I was going to be there and watch Rob and forget about everything, but found it amazing.

The baseball scene (before they got protective) was by far my favorite. I'm crushing on Baseball Jasper right now. The hospital scene with Rob's song.. GAAH! I almost cried.

The thing that didn't want to let me sleep this morning was that I noticed they never say I love you.

Kate said...

Aah guys it sounds brilliant, I'm really looking forward to seeing it now!!!
I'm pretty sure I'll love it because I actually still really love tenny movies (I think I'm still a teen at heart)Don't get me wrong I do love adult movies too but I love a good teen movie anyday.
Glad to see that ye enjoyed it and I'd turst yer judgement better than the reviews over on Yahoo;-)

Aah lynn did you just admit that you were screaming, now I rememeber you saying that you were gonna kill any tweens that screamed !!!!LOL

Kate said...

Oh Lisa that video is brilliant. Thanks for posting the link. So how many of us want to be Tyra???!!!

MiCh said...

IMHO, the movie was better than I expected. Maybe a little bit cheesy but sometimes the books are cheesy too ;)

I really loved Rob's performance. Forget The Hair, I'm officially in love with The Eyes. There is never any doubt what Edward is feeling! I must confess I swoon on several occasions, even some of his faces make me laugh although that's not his intended reaction. But I really loved how good Rob portrayed Edward.

Kristen was wonderful, she truly is the best actress of her generation. She's very subtle in her movements and her face says everything that needs to be said. Honestly, I think movie works mainly to the performances of Rob and Kristen.

The Cullens were charming but did not get much screen time. Can I say that I loved Nikki? We all know she's not the beautiful "blonde" that world was waiting for, but her Rosalie was really good. I mean, in an annoying way. But what I really want to see is more Dr. Carlisle on next movies 'cause guys, he's really HOT *blushes*.

And now, the music.. for me, it was amazing. Vampire baseball + Muse = Perfect Match. Also Rob's songs come at absolutely perfect moments in the movie. "Never Think" was delightful in the restaurant, but my fave music-motion scene was on the Ballet Studio, when Bella was dying and we can hear "Let me Sign". I loved that song since I got my soundtrack, but hearing it with visuals, wooo, made me cry!
And like I said in previous threat, I love the credits song.. can't believe they put together three of my passions: Twilight, Rob Pattinson and Radiohead!

Of course the movie has its weaknesses. The special effects could have been a little more special. In the books all this "sparkle like little diamonds" thing may work, but in the movie.. hmmm. I believe they did their best with the limitations of the budget, but I really hope the movie can make lots of money so the sequels can have better special effects.

Said that, I'm with Lynn in that you have to remain yourself that this is a teen genre film and it's not going to be Oscar worthy. But it's a lovely film, Rob's in there and that's all I need. Jooo.

Lynn said...

Kate---the fangurl scream was limited to only Rob and I tried, I really just escaped my lips and then I was satisfied to just stare.

Kate said...

Well said Mich!!!

Kate said...

LOL @ Lynn
I'll probably be coming back here next month saying that i was screaming too!!! LOL

La Stella said...

Of the credits, all I have to say is Carlisle and Esme = HOT! That made me forget the lyrics to Radiohead (and God knows how much I love them).

Kat said...

We can finally say we've seen it and LOVED it...

I saw it last night, and then I just got back from seeing it the second time. I liked it a lot more the second time around.

My FB status sums it up: Kathryn gives Twilight 7.5 out of 10. True to the book, perfect cast, great indie feel, humour in the right places... just a little rushed and slightly cheesy!

Only difference, after seeing it the second time I up that to 8.5 - the remaining 1.5 ONLY due to budget constraints.

The kiss scene, intoxicating, beautiful, and went further than I expected. Love that she cuddled up on his chest when she fell asleep.

I did think it was a bit rushed... but then, 500+ pages into a 2 hour movie, something has to be rushed.

I love the way he explained everything to her. (Him sitting there getting rained on... OME, divine).

The humour in it... great, it needed to be there to lessen the cheese. There was still a little cheese, but it was almost warranted cheese.

I have one beef with it... just one. Victoria was at the prom, they were in the SAME room - why did he not SMELL her. Sorry... my one big beef, but seems like an important one.

All in all, Rob and Kristen were great. Rob smoldered the whole movie. Catherine did a wonderful job and the rest of the cast, perfect.

I loved it and can't wait to go again....

Kimberlesk said...

OK, after reading all your comments, I must say, I agree. The movie was good, but I wonder how good it is for anyone who didn't read the book? The pacing seemed a bit off in the beginning, telling the story. (Maybe I've just memorized the book too much, we all know movie's are never as great as the books.)
Special effects weren't all that, except for the dazzling effect. It was nothing like I pictured it when reading the books, but I loved it!! but, then again, producers coughed up enough money to hire ILM for that!
Yes, they did a great job for the budget they had. Just think if they'd have had $100 mill to make it ...
Anyway, loved, loved, loved our boy!! He was perfect (as Edward's supposed to be). And thanks to Kathryn, I couldn't stop staring at that jawline! And the eyes, the trouble he had with the contacts was worth it!! Loved the golden eyes!
Jules -- I left marks in my seat when his songs played in the background!! That totally put me over the edge!!! I'm getting excited just typing about it!
There's another show at 4:20 today and I'm seriously considering going back!
Oh, and I really dug Jacob much more than I thought I would. Baby Taylor was very convincing in the part. Could've used more of the Cullens -- baseball was awesome!
And I loved the growl that we finally got to hear when E saved B from the thugs.
Back to the effects -- the flying? No wonder he was laughing in those behind the scenes shots we saw before. Looked a little like Superman. And altho I loved the kissing (as we all do I'm sure), that was a pretty bad effect jerking him off the bed. I get what they wanted it to be, but the effect could've been better. Oh well ...
I'll be seeing it again, buying the DVD, Blue-Ray, whatever else they offer, they totally got me!
Going to watch Ellen!

Kimberlesk said...

One more thing -- I forgot to mention Edward's entrance -- NOW THAT'S AN ENTRANCE!!!
Took me a few seconds to realize that I was actually panting!!!
Good thing there was only about 15 other peeps in the theater and no one too close to notice!

La Stella said...

Kimber-- my sister liked the movie a lot and she hasn't read the books. When we got out of the cinema, she started asking me about the Cullen's history and stuff. She got a big crush on Peter. LOL.

MiCh said...

Can I say that the growl of Edward made me sweat? It was sexy!
Gosh, I need a therapist.. :S

Kat said...

Kim... yes, the entrance... I drooled, I'm sure I did.

Mich - yes, the growl. I had been waiting for the growl. The one when he rescued Bella was great... but the ones going back and forth between Edward and James made me giggle a bit....

For some reason, both showings, everyone laughed when Edward couldn't stop sucking Bella's blood. It kind of pissed me off a bit... I was so into it. I think people were uncomfortable or something.. I don't know. It was strange.

Kimberlesk said...

estrellas, glad your sis liked it. I was wondering, since knowing the book so well, if the movie was giving enough of the backstory of the characters to make people who hadn't read it to actually get into the characters. So good, maybe it will play well with folks who aren't familiar with it.

Looking forward to New Moon already, and that's my least fave book, until they go to Italy, of course. I have read those last 200 pages again and again. And maybe I'll read them tonight, altho, the movie gave me a longing for Midnight Sun, might have to read that again first!

But even before that, I have to get out the mightly Jules fanfic!!

BTW, everybody see the lovely Pattinson family on Ellen?

Kimberlesk said...

Ooops, I meant MIGHTY Jules!

Kat said...

Kim... I have the urge to read Midnight Sun tonight too.... although with 3 hours sleep last night, really I should go to bed the second Havi does... but, I know I'll be here talking to you ladies instead!

Kimberlesk said...

Kath -- when you're reading MS again, imagine hearing it in Rob's voice -- oh, that would be soooooo sweet!!
Just think how many audio books they could sell if they got him to do it!!

Kimberlesk said...

BTW how'd it go with the CD-making the other night -- I find myself totally zoning out listening to him talk when I'm in the car ... not good for highway driving!

p r i s c a said...

I have only just recovered from my viewing on Twilight. And i gotta say, the scene that still stands out in my head like a BILLBOARD with NEON LIGHTS. Is that kissing scene. When Edward pins Bella on the bed and then with a loud "Stop!" throws himself back. I MEAN! My pants just ripped off and walked away all by themselves. That scene was so intense!

Kat said...

Kim... I haven't had chance to play with the CD making... but I will.

And yes, if he read the audio books... in the American accent though (sorry girls, I know you like the Brit one)... I'd go goo-goo gaga for that!

Kat said...

Betzabe.... DITTO... absolute ditto. In the wise words of Robert Pattinson himself...

"I creamed myself"....

Kimberlesk said...

betz -- 'My pants just ripped off and walked away all by themselves."
LMFAO!!! What a great description!
I totally know how you feel, I keep playing it over in my head! Yeah, didn't expect him to climb on top of her like that --- *panting, must calm down*

And I don't remember which one of you said it, but I thought the same thing about the ending w/Victoria. I totally noticed her when they first walked into the room (due to the fur), and figured, WTH, wouldn't he notice her right away?
And I was bummed that we didn't get to see the lovely Cullens/Hales dancing at the prom. Was looking forward to seeing all of them dressed to the nines!

Hasn't anyone watched Ellen yet? She shows Rob's family dancing in the audience, including his dad. Now we have our answer ...

Kimberlesk said...

Hey, and wasn't Alice's pitching style cool?
I totally love Alice!

Dani said...

Hey kids I am back. Want to list my favorite parts.

1. Rob's dazzling looks, and the "oh shit I just smelled something yummy and her name is Kristen ahhh I mean Bella" Yeah Rob is crushing because chemistry was on like sex...good sexy sex...they are going to hook it up mark my words.
2. Baseball scene was awesome. Hands down one of the best parts.
3. Taylor is not Jacob and will NEVER be Jacob for me pissed me off that he was even in the movie. Keep smiling like a jackass Taylor because thats what you do best.
4. THE KISS WAS EPIC WIN!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes, Rob was not acting I am afraid he just really kissed the shit out of her. LOVE IT.
5. Ashley Green is my jam and I love her as Alice.
6. Nikki Reed does a "die bitch" glare like no one else can. Love her guts.
7. Hello porn stash, Billy Burke was hot as Bella's dad and that stash was epic as well.
8. Rob is Rob and people stop calling him Edward, while he plays an amazing Edward he is still Rob through and through. I loved when his accent slipped in the movie and his personal little quirks.
9. Cannot wait to see what comes next out of K Stew and Rob, they are fantastic.
10. The movie while not an oscar contender was entertaining the whole way through and I am proud of what Catherine Hardwick was able to do with such a tiny budget.
11. I will see it again for sure.

c said...

I just saw it (went with my boss during work hours!) and I loved it! It's wonderfully cheesy at times, intense, and VERY fast moving. I could see how someone who hasn't read the books would be like "wow, they fell is love fast" even though they do in the book too, but the movie it's very fast. Robert played Edward with passion and intensity, and I really got the sense like he was in pain/wanted to kill Bella quite a bit of the time. He captured Edward, completely.

Kristen as Bella was amazing and very intense as well, the pairing was wonderful.

I also loved (!!!!) the baseball scene, and Jackson (Jasper) was hot hot hotttt!! I honestly didn't think he'd be so good in the role. I was pleasantly surprised, a lot!

Hottest scene: Edward in the rain talking to Bella.... wow. just, wow. (of course, the kiss was super hot too, but I felt like I'd already seen most of it already)

Yeah, I'm going again, maybe Sunday...

p r i s c a said...

EDWARD IN THE RAIN! I couldn't take that. I was like OH FOR THE LOVE OF FORKS! He wasn't enough in all his greatness?! YOU WENT AND MADE IT RAIN ALL OVER HIM??? GAAAAAAAAAH! GOLD!

Meg said...

Hi! I've never written on here, but I check this site and imdb religiously...well, more so.

I saw "Twilight" last night at midnight, and again this morning at a 10:30am showing. My experiences varied greatly. The reason: the audience. The non-stop giggles and cheering of Edward in the midnight screening was not present in the morning screening. The cheesy elements that I witnessed last night did not exist today. I really have to think that has to do with the audience. If you are constantly aware that you're watching a movie by the distracting people around you, how can you truly enjoy it?

Today was a wonderful experience. I loved Catherine's vision and camera work. I had the sense that we were seeing through Bella's eyes the entire time...hence, all the close-ups. Rob did a fantastic job conveying the pain his character felt just by his proximity to Bella. Even the smallest nose wrinkle...masterful character work. He's going to go far...I can't wait for more of his work!

Overall, the entire cast was phenomenal...and I don't just fling that word around. I was surprised by the level of talent on the screen...the reviews do not do the movie justice.

As for today's audience, they laughed rarely and were drawn into the film. It appeared that they left satisfied, as did I. I will see it again!

Jenny said...

Dani your post cracked me up so much I so agree with you about Taylor it was the biggest disappointment for me, I just cant stand him for Jacob. God I wish Rob & KStew would hook it up, but that boyfriend of hers has her on a short one.

~MindyMc said...

Ladies it has been thrilling to read your wonderful, brilliant thoughts on this much anticipated movie. I must say I agree with you all. Your reviews are awesome!! I'm off to see it for a 2nd time. My love to you all!! ROB ROCKS TWILIGHT!!!

p r i s c a said...

I'm stuck at work so i can't see it a second time. But i can't wait for Saturday with the Q&A with Catherine Hardwicke. Eeeeks!

Anonymous said...

Betz - you're hilarious. Can't wait to see this tonight after all these comments.

p r i s c a said...

Another fav moment is after the SAY IT! and bella goes VAMPIRE and he tell her to ask the most important or basic question and he goes "ASK ME WHAT I EAT!?" His face! I just wanna grab him and go "ME!!"

I just wanna scream!!! Twilove!!!

Kat said...

Yes... his face was amazing when he said that... "Ask me the most basic of questions - ask me what I eat"... and she didn't ask...

I'm still drooling over the image of him in my head... the image of him in the rain. Now I know what he looks like when he's taking a shower (and I'm talking Rob not Edward now!!!)

Jewels64 said...

Dani, I know Taylor is a baby, but he has some potential. He's still only 16. I thought he wasn't as bad as I thought he was going to be. But as far as everything else you said: SPOT ON GIRLFRIEND!

I will see it again, and again, and again. Spent too much time drooling over Rob in the film.

Rusharthi said...

Movie was fantastic!! Robert was superb in his role. No one could of played Edward other then him. Sooo beautiful in every scene! Kristen was just amazing. Caught the midnight show last night...and I just couldn't get enough of Robert in the movie. I was just looking at I'll have to go watch it again..and try and look at other people the next time lol. Just loved it!

Suss said...

I agree with you guys, you're all pretty spot on, and.. Rob left me breathless.. How will I ever get out of this now?

DirtyD said...

Just got home and I love, love, loved it! The two hours went by so quick though. Edward and Bella at the prom was -pardon the pun- to die for! That kiss on the neck- I nearly jumped out of my seat. And the bedroom kiss- was hot, hot, hot! Kristen really was Bella in every sense. And Rob- wow where do I begin. I was beside myself when he walked in for the first time. His portrayal of Edward was spot on. Loved the part when they walk into school as an "offical" couple. And you could really feel that he was torn between what he wanted and what he felt was right the entire movie.

I was pleasently suprised by Billy Burke. I think he did an excellent job. And wee Taylor was better than I expected as well. Ashely was exactly how I pictured Alice to be and I loved Nikki in the baseball scene when Bella called her out. I wished there would have been more of the Cullens though especially Jackson and Kellan. I look forward to seeing them in the next movies.

Catherine did a wonderful job with the budget she had. The angles of the shots were so different that I am used to seeing in movies and it worked so well.

Lastly, sparkling Edward was better than I expected it to be. Although I wish the meadow scene would have been a little longer I did like how they incorporated the "lion fell in love with the lamb" scene.

I hope to see it again, will definately buy the dvd and look forward to the next movies!

Emily said...

I just got back from seeing it and I couldn't be happier about it. The audience was pretty well behaved. I had a lady next to me who had some comments but I shushed her and that was the end of that.
Okay, the Cullen's entering the cafeteria?? I got chills! Loved the entrance! The whole movie felt a lot shorter than two hours to me but that's probably just because two hours of Rob really isn't enough. Rob was absolutely phenomenal! His performance was exactly what it should have been. He was tortured, obsessive, conflicted, vulnerable, funny, and most definitely, sexy as hell!
I was actually impressed with the special effects. Especially the sparkle effect. I was worried it would be completely over the top but I loved how understated and subtle it was.
The thing I was surprised about was how much I enjoyed Charlie's character. Billy Burke was perfect. Taylor was great as Jacob, too. That's exactly who he's supposed to be in the first book. Just a happy 15 year old who has a crush on Bella. LOVED the baseball scene. Very cool.
I hadn't listened to Rob's songs or the lullaby before seeing it so I especially loved experiencing his music for the first time in the context of the film. His song that plays at the end of the ballet studio scene was very powerful. And the lullaby...well to me, there is nothing in this world sexier than Rob at the piano. My word, he has lovely and quite talented hands.
I can't wait to see it again. It was all I expected and more. Rob and Kristen were channeling Edward and Bella perfectly. They couldn't have played it better.

Ellie said...

(copied from my email... :) )

I saw the movie tonight! I loved, loved, loved it! My love for all things Rob just went through the roof. The eyes, the tush while walking away past Bella's lunch table, the growl at the "bad guys" in Port Angeles, the Kisses, oh the kisses, the rain falling on him while explaining himself to her , the RayBans!~~ and I can go on and on...(okay, I'm wiping the drool from my face as I speak,er, type). I thought Rob and Kristen were phenomenal, as well as Catherine's direction, despite the budget constraints. The chemistry between Rob and Kristen is undeniable. I felt they truly conveyed the feeling of obsessive love, as well as him being so conflicted in his feelings. I loved the biology lab scene; nice touch with Edward holding his nose and Bella smelling herself--lol. And yes, there was cheese, but it's easily overlooked when we have Rob to look at. I had a a very hard time looking at anyone else's face when he was on the screen. I was mesmerized by him. And, hell, I figure maybe by the third or fourth time of seeing the movie, I'll notice the others and get the full effect of it.--or maybe not.--lol.

DirtyD said...

I forgot to mention that I was suprised there was such a range of people in the theatre. There were teen girls of course, some teen boys, boyfriend/girfriend combos, moms, and my favorite---> dads that took their little girls. And they were all pretty well behaved. A few whistles and laughs at awkward parts but thats it. AND my husband and brother-in-law both said they actually liked it and thought it was a good movie. And that's a lot coming from them when they usually like stupid-funny like Will Farell movies.

Eva said...

Finally got some free time to write about the movie.

I was surprised that 1/3 of the audience were guys and someone broth their baby too (first thought-twimom:))
No one really screamed but people laughed a lot and it was kind disturbing sometimes.

Rob did an amazing job! He played Edward exactly how I pictured him when I read MS. His eyes are gorgeous!
And listening to him singing made it even better.

Kristen was great too, she was Bella to me.
The chemistry between Rob and Kristen is unbelievable!

Only Taylor didn't do it for me except at the prom.

All your favorite moments are mine too.

I wish they had bigger budget, so they can spend more money on some of the effects. The make up was little bit off. In some scenes the vampire faces were too powdery and had unblended jaw line and I'm with Rob about not getting the lipstick idea.

Please don't hate me, I really love CH style and LOVE LOVE the movie.
I have been daydreaming all day and can't think anything else but the movie. It's like a magic and can't wait to go and see it again.

Gozde said...

Okay just got back from the movie. My friend ruined it a bit for me by telling me not to squee(RUDE!) and I'm a bit miffed but here is my review.

The negative: It was one of the cheesiest movies I've seen in a LONG time. Man! The first 45 minutes was ridiculous. The glittering skin looked like he was sweating! The long stares, the awful special effects. Hopefully the next ones will be MUCH better.I still don't like Nikki as Rosalie.The first half was like a glorified soap opera

The Positive: 2 hours of Robert Pattinson. The kissing scene was SO so so HOT! His songs were placed at the perfect places in the movie. "Meet the Cullens" scene in the kitchen was so smart and funny. And Emmet was HOT!Seriously Kellan Lutz should never go blond! Jasper was definitely passing a kidney stone. Everyone except Rosalie and Jasper were perfect. Charlie was great and I actually cried when Bella left him. Elizabeth is an amazing Esme! Taylor made a GREAT Jacob, I was really impressed. It makes me hopeful for New Moon.The second half of the movie was much better. The prom scene, Rob kissing Kristen's neck and then the kiss (can his lips be more beautiful?)... These are enough reasons for me to give it a 7/10 and see it again and again and again

I am so in love with Rob right now. It's not even funny :-))

Gozde said...

Welcome Meg :-)

Betz, your comments cracked me up! I think I need a shirt that says "Eat me Rob!" Or maybe not, lol.

DirtyD said...

One more thing to add. There was a grown woman that came in turned to all of us sitting in the seats and said "Yeah I'm team Jacob" and proudly displayed herself in her homemade shirt and then her friend also a grown woman came in with her "Twi-mom" shirt on. So now I have seen a twi-mom up close and personal---and me no likey!

Anonymous said...

**MAY HAVE SPOILERS!**OK I think that they definitely needed a larger budget BUT it was incredible. I saw it twice in 24 hours lol. For those of you who haven't seen it first of all what are you waiting for?! second, obviously don't go in thinking you are about to see the book in the film. It's not, it is a great movie, but you can never really transmit edward and bella's connection in a two hour film. I think there was too much james victoria and laurent and not enough of edward and bella, the spcial effects were a LITTLE bit cheesy...especially when he I think i may have laughed in all of the wrong places but especially in the end..i won't say anything. Rob looked a little uncomfortable sometimes but he did a good job. Kstew did an AMAZING job and omg the baseball scene is officially my fav scene ever. It was just perfect. All of the cullens were great but they could use a little more dialouge (sp?) i mean Jasper and Esme had like one line. Charlie had more scenes and he was just hilarious, I loved him. Renee was not as pretty as I imagined her...nothing at all actually. Eric and Mike..WOW they did a great job and were really funny. Angela was very diferent from what I thought she would look like, also Jessica. James victoria and laurent. WOW they did SUCH a great job I just loved it especially Victoria. Now Jacob, (spoiler) I hated that Bella meets him before Edward, and some people are saying there was not enough Jacob in the movie but I think he even got some extra time there. In the book Bella only sees him like 3 times am I right? At the beach (scary stories), at the prom scene, and doesn't Bella go to his house once? I dunno I think it was perfect but if they do new moon (which they MUST!) he'll be in there obviously much more so chillax (as eric yorkie would say lol). I thought that at the prom scene where Jacob and edward have that little glaring at each other thing going on it was just so good and Rob looked so hot! When you see the Cullen's for the first time you know in the cafeteria like through the little window? Whoa, I just stopped breathing for a sec I got so exited! It was like omg here they come so you know rose and emmett the alice and jasper and then bella's all who's that? and he open's the door-OME! "That's Edward Cullen." I just was hyperventilating it was so good! And Carlisle was just perfect, exactly how I'd imagined him. So over all it was a good movie but it goes more as a companion to the book, not the book on film exactly as it is. So go in with an open mind and enjoy ;)!

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Jovie.
I've held off with my personal opinion for two reasons, 1) until Goz saw it (eventhough there is a seperate thread)
2) until I saw it twice
Went to the midnight showing with fangirls. Def the way to go, they were hilarious, but my audience was a little subdued. But when Rob made his cafeteria entrance they cheered and some even stood up and clapped, so that way fun and they laughed at the lines they were waiting to hear. Seeing it with them was actually a lot of fun.
But first time I saw Twilight I was not impressed!
First I felt they didn't capture quite of what made Twilight a spectacular story. Second I thought it was poorly done. Especially the special effects, but I know the budget was limiting.
Kristen Stewart's acting in the hospital bed at the end was so bad. Rob's wild, wide eyes bothered me a couple of times, but I know he was trying to convey how much pain Edward is in.
I think Rob's performance was electic. I could hardly take my eyes off him. I think the only time I did was the gorgeous view from the inn where the prom scence was filmed.
The gazebo stuff was great! His expression when he is kissing Bella at the gazebo, I will hold on to that always and also wishing he kissed me in that way. The forehead touching always gets to me big time. The neck kiss at the gazebo was nice also. The kiss in her bedroom and when he slams against the wall. I loved that! When he pushes her on the bed, that was unexpected and I was loving that. I didn't think it was out of character for Edward, eventhough in the book he wouldn't do that. I like the license Rob took with the character, but I could not for the life of me get James Dean out of my head. His voice was so similar to James Dean's. I fault that to me being a huge James Dean fan, it happened from East of Eden, when a lot of it was filmed where I live. But anyway the second time, it was better, I could get James Dean out of my head. I then was able to overlook the bad special effects, noticing too much of Rob's double and what I thought the screenplay lacked. For me a lot wasn't captured. A lot of friends said they thought the movie should of beeb longer to convey why Edward & B have in the relationship that makes it so difficult for them to be apart, etc. Times in her room, etc. that the book conveyed. A bit rushed. Also when he is wet inthe forest and the same sentence is being discussed then he's not wet. I think i expected more out of CH. But def the second time it is much better.
Also, the moss wall I thought he would be doing the "refreshing Bella's memory" that was disappointing how it lacked a lot of sexual tension, kissing along the jawline and neck etc. like the book.
I think it needed more sexual tension. But almost two hours of Rob, fun, fun stuff. When he was in the cafe, the lighting and his song playing, my favorite part. He looked unforgettable.
Ladies I luv ya, and I have to mention the second time I sat by a guy in his twenties and he was loving the movie and that made me really happy.

Gozde said...

Hey Jov,

You are so sweet! Waited for me to see it! Wow :-)) Thank you!

I agree with everything you wrote and yes, Kristen's acting in the hospital scene was BAD! And Rob sleeping on the background was too funny too. He just looked awkward.

Unfortunately the movie has a lot of unintentional funny moments.

Anonymous said...

Goz, ya know how I feel about ya.
And I so agree, I mean it's Edward Cullen for godsakes, he wouldn't be slumped against a wall!
He would be in a chair right by her bed for godsakes.
Also, his body positioning would always be in a protective stance, concerning Bella. Body language with Edward is important. And Carlisle would not have to tell Edward to go be with Bella as it went down in the movie, in the ballet studio. They need to remember what seperates Edward from most men. He unabashabley let's the world know how he feels about his woman.

Gozde said...

*hugs* :-))

I really need to see it again to make a better judgment of the movie.

I was happy that they had the most important lines from the book though. The screenplay was good :)

Anonymous said...

(hugs) back at ya Goz.
Yes, please consider it again, it's so much more enjoyable the second time around.

Kimberlesk said...

Jov, couldn't have put it better myself. Wasn't impressed the first time, but went again today and just loved looking at Edward for two hours! And you're right about the gazebo scene -- I really got into it today! I don't know the order they filmed scenes in, but it seems that finally at prom/gazebo, they were finally getting it right between E&B, shame they couldn't have added an extra 1/2 hour so they could've conveyed their falling in love more clearly.
I'm fighting the urge to see it again tomorrow ... help

Anonymous said...

Kim, I agree. They needed longer so they could get past the anger and extreme pain part of what Edward was going through. It needed more continutiy and flow. Of course, I'm not a film maker but I've disected Twilight and Edward enough to understand what makes it work. To convey the printed page to a visual is always a challenge. But Edward wasn't as angry as he was in the movie. He was more intrigued, dismayed and hid his pain more. Except the Port Angeles part. When you read Midnight Sun you come to a better understanding of just how tormented he was, in just watching Bella sleeping in her room and wanting to know the titles of her books and music she was listening to. He was just so incredbly in love.
Tortured yes, in pain yes, Rob's performance outstanding. But they needed to give him a longer time to show the progression of such physical pain, the burning in the throat, the inner fight to not kill her and the acceptance that he finally comes to of realizing how much she means to him. Sorry I could go on but I do want to say Rob's performance made this movie for me. I think he has such depth and talent and I can't wait for Little Ashes.

Anonymous said...

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