Rob 101

What did we learn about Rob today?

1. Drinks Pacifico Beer.
2. Dresses like a hobo in what he describes what used to be"a rather large woman's bowling shirt"
3.Doesn't wash his own clothes, or rarely has them washed as he doesn't know how to operate a "washer machine"
4.Drives a 1989 BMW black convertable that cost him 2K and could possibly be carreening into some mercedes backside at any moment.
5.He's a bad driver.
6.Prefers run down dive bars to "shmauncy industry" hotels.
7.Has a poor diet, and lives on Pizza Pockets and Peach Snapple.
8.Has a crush on costar Kristen Stewart and asked her to marry him on set numerous times.
9.Spends money unwisely on Pizza Pockets and bad cars.
10.Considers himself lucky to be doing so well and wonders when that luck will run out.(NEVER!!!)
11.He has no tattoos or piercings.
12.Loves blues music.
13.Speaks French at a 3yr old's level.(I must hear this)
14.Even if he were an axe murderer there are fans of his who would literally carry the axe for him and or volunteer to "take one for the team" and die for him. Little scary but probably true.
15.He is not dating anyone or so he says.(Thank you Rob, now we can all still imagine our slim chances at stealing your heart)
16.He resists media training and censorship in interviews.(Thank you again Rob!)
17. Thousands of women around the world fell in love with Rob today.(I know I did)

Is it any wonder why we adore this man so much?

Let me know if I need to add to the list.

Its been a good day, big thanks to Goz for putting up all the fabulous scans and vids. Soon to be Dr. Goz and we are all super proud of what she is able to accomplish while studying and being my partner in running this awesome blog. Gold star for Goz today!

Gozde's edit: Dani, amazing list! I love you :-)


Betsy said...

Big thanks to Goz and Dani for posting such awesome stuff and fulfilling our RobObsessions!

Anonymous said...

This is Jovie, I'm back from being on the run all day.
What the hell did I miss?

babbles said...

Wow, I missed everything...
Thanx girls for being so on top of it...

Rob gets hotter and hotter by the minute, he is unstoppable...

kristen said...

Great list Dani - It pretty much sums up all the reasons we know and love Rob! He is pretty much irresistible.

Tess said...

Love the list Dani!

A huge thanks to Both Dani and Goz for keeping me so fixated. I'd also like to thank the many other readers who constantly send links to great tidbits that keeps this site soooo ONE STOP SHOPPING.

Can I say I'm so excited that he loves Pacifico Beer! It's my absolute favorite (especially with lot's of salt added) I miss it terribly... (Lynn.. I'm sure you know how much I miss Pacifico beer)

Tess said...

OT I know, but I was still sleeping through the EW comment extravaganza.. damn it. just finished reading.

Can I bellow into my imaginary megaphone how infatuated I am with him in his entirety? I mean seriously!

The journal. I love that he tried to make all these deals with fate. I can picture it.

Dani- you need to add to Rob 101..

* Asked Fate not to give him all his luck at once, but to stretch it out over the next 70 years or so...

*raises glass* Here's to hopefully many many more years of interesting career choices for Rob! Cheers!

kristen said...

Pacifico is also my favorite Mexican beer (way better than Corona and XX in my opinion) and what's even cooler is I am having Pacifico with my tacos for dinner tonight (this was already the dinner and drink plan for the night, and is not in any way related to the article, I assure you).

Rusharthi said...

Loveeee the list!!!
I missed a couple of these entries! So thank u for keeping me updated! :D
He is just one AMAZING person.

Jewels64 said...

No, his french is 3rd level standard not a 3 year olds...LMAO!! Still kinda cute though.

Rob is such a normal guy and that is why he makes my heart thump way too hard and my blood pressure sky rocket through the roof. Love, love, love him!

Eva said...

Love the list!
He needs a girlfriend and a new car.

Thank you Dani and Goz for all of the updates today!

Lynn said...

Thank you to Goz and Dani for the stupendous job of compiling a great list of Rob neccessities.

Emily said...

I can pretty much guarantee you I'd be a nightmare driver if I had to drive in England. I'm sure it's hard to get used to driving on the opposite side of the car and the road. That's probably why he has a $2,000 car.

Rose said...

I don't know what I would do without this place. THANK YOU Goz and Dani...THANK YOU!!!
Everytime I get all anxious about something Rob related...I can always come here and know that I am not alone in my Rob addiction.

Lynn said...

Emily---yes, it would be a fantastically horrible change! Though, I totally empathize with Rob, because, Californians are the worst drivers ever. And, when it rains, it's worse....the accident rate increases about 500% (I am not even kidding about that!).

Emily said...

Lynn - 500%?! That's insane. Poor Rob must be a bundle of nerves trying to drive on these crazy American streets where we do everything the opposite way from what he's used to.

Lynn said...

Emily---I kid you not! After one afternoon of rain in San Diego, there are usually reports of at least 40 to 50 accidents. Californians never break for anything and that includes rain.

Yes, Rob certainly risks life and limb driving in sucks!

Dani said...

Hey I just look at it again and he indeed says he speaks French 3yr old's standard. Blasted Hell I bet that is cute to hear.

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