Rob on TRL November 6th, 2008 3:30pm EST- Someone record this for us please!

Below are more tour dates and appearances.
some are still TBD.

November 3
Apple Store
New York City

November 4
Z100 - Elvis Duran Morning Show
New York City

November 4
Planet Hollywood Times Square
New York City
Handprint and memorabilia ceremony

November 6
New York City

November 10
San Francisco, CA
Location TBD

November 11
Dallas, TX
Location TBD

November 12
Chicago, IL
Location TBD

November 13
Philadelphia, PA
Location TBD

November 14
Boston, MA
Location TBD

November 15
Much Music
Toronto, Canada

November 17
Twilight Premiere
Mann Village Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Dates with locations TBD are part of the Twilight press tour. The specific dates have been released by Hot Topic and speculation is that he will be appearing in Hot Topic stores, but nothing has been confirmed. We will update when more information is available.


Thanks to Amy for the news.


babbles said...

Oh is Rob in for it now, TRL - Geeze....

Dani said...

Say a little prayer for Rob his schedule is nuts! Poor thing, he is going to need a big break before New Moon.

babbles said...

I know right, Like I knew they would have him hoppin but he doesn't even have a minute to breathe, No body else promo schedules seem this packed... TRL is gunna tear him up - Fangirls at their worst and Squeeeeeeling at its highest ovtave... *shivers*
Hang on Rob, Sanity will ensue after awhile...

babbles said...

Danie I do so loooove that pic of you, sweetness...

babbles said...

ooops, dont know where that "e" came from *blushes*

Dani said...

Oh thanks LOVE! I just posted some more dates and GOSH this kid is busy yikes, this is scary times. I fear for the poor bastard.

babbles said...

agreed, I mean I am greedy and want to see updates on him all the time but come on, he is still human *giggles*. talk about workin him ragged *bites bottom lip* Hmm ragged!! anyway, I think they are pushing him a little hard, It's just a damn movie, and there will be several more to follow, let him relax - his eyes show he is over doing it...

babbles said...

I seriously just said Rob, Ragged and Hard in one comment, My mind is slipping...

Emily said...

I hope Rob and Tom purchase their zippers by the dozen because he is going to go through them awfully fast.
His schedule is insane!

Anonymous said...

You run a fantastic blog!!!!
Thanks for all the time you put into this!

Dani said...

Thanks Anon. Goz and I are super glad you like it. Feel free to register and come back anytime.

Emily you kill me. I wonder if we should ship some zippers to Rob just in case. Although I don't think anyone would mind if that inseam busted out.

Amy said...

I'm so excited they are coming to Toronto!! :) We should just keep adding dates to this post if more come up in the coming weeks. I have a feeling they may do some talk shows.

Amy said...

LA TIMES article and new picture of Rob, Nikki and Kellan!!!

Dani said...

Yes I will be on the look out for more dates and specifics. The whole cast especially Rob and Kristen will be all over the place. I'm jazzed that this movie is making such a splash. I hope little ashes promo goes well too.

He has done so very much in the last year. With Little Ashes being filmed just months before Twilight, then filming Twilight, How to Be promo tours, now Twilight promo tours. Various magazine shoots and interviews, then events to attend. All the while being followed around by crazy fans and papz. Yikes. I have a lot of respect for what actors go through to entertain us. It is Hell.

Dani said...

SciFi mag featuring Twilight will be posted later. Incase you want to see it now check out Rob's imdb board someone posted the scans. Nothing horribly new just cool to see nonetheless.

Jewels64 said...

Ladies...just received my issue of Entertainment Weekly - The Holiday Movie guide. There is only a small pix and mention of Twilight on November 21.

BUT....They did say that the coverage for Twilight and Rob (YAY!) will EXTENSIVE in the next issue!

Stalking the mailman next week!!

Amy said...

Oh I know it's going to be crazy busy in the weeks before the film comes out and after as well because the cast will still have to make a few stops in other countries that have the later premiere dates. Well that's how it usually works anyway. Let's hope they get some of the supporting cast members to do that promotion though! Unfortunately it's like this (all the hysteria) for most young stars who are on the brink of becoming huge and who also have big movies to promote - it's always go go go! I do feel for them because it's only going to get more intense and their schedules will be nuts for a little while until they start filming again.

Lynn said...

Ay, poor papi! Rob and Kristen are going to deserve a vacation on Isle Esme----that is one hellacious schedule and to have to endure TRL is just horrid.

Dani and Em----lots of zippers and cue the short inseams....

Tess said...

Ok.. for people like me who have been living away from the states and who don't watch TV (basically under a rock I am)

What the hell is TRL?(I guess I could google it, but that would mean I could miss something here)

Gozde said...

Tess, it's total request live. It's on MTV and it's about to end. It's been on for ages, now they are moving on. But it'll be amazing to have Rob on TRL :)

kristen said...

He is a very busy boy. So excited he will be in San Francisco!

Tess said...

Thanks Goz.. Now I know what it is.. But when I was watching, it they didn't use the acronym. ha ha

Anonymous said...

How do people get into the TRL studio anyway? And do people still wait outside the studio screaming holding up signs and stuff?

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