Sexiest Man Alive


Anonymous said...

Gozde, bless your big gracious heart. Even while you're on vacation, you're still thinking of us!
I've been so busy editing that I only check your blog now, other than research. I was writing about Scotland and popped over and my heart got so warm thinking of you and how you think of us.(((hugs)))
To you and Dani(who rocks), luv ya too Dani,and all the wonderful, smart, funny ladies of this blog, I wish tonight I was going to the midnight showing with all of you and hope you all have "a bloody good time!" I'll be going with a group that has no idea of my celebrity crush.:} I like it that way. Have fun and BE SAFE.

Gozde said...

Aww, Jovie, you are so sweet. I am not going to the midnight showing either. I am actually going Friday night at 11PM :-( My friend is an M.D. and he has to work at the E.R. till then. sucks!

Oh well, hugs to you and hope your editing is going good.

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