Submit a question for Rob

Entertainment Weekly wants your questions for Rob. Go HERE and ask him if he'll marry me:P


Lynn said...

Goz---you've got most of beat on the no hubby and kids thing---try it out!

Lynn said...

most of us....duh.

Gozde said...

yes! I knew staying single would pay off someday :-))

Anonymous said...

the questions on that site are adding up like crazy. There most be 10 a minute...

Kat said...

OK, I almost pee'd myself when I read this question from a cute little tween!!!

roberttt! omg i love you lol!
my question is
how do you get your hair so AWESOME???!?!?!?!?
you need to teach the rest of the guys in the world
lol anywayss
ii cant wait till twilight its gonna be awesooememememe!!!!!!!!!!!
holy crap!
i love you
and your gonnna marry me somedayy lol jk probably not but i can always wish.
Lindsey from Colorado.

Jewels64 said...

I actually did ask a question. I asked him if he were to remake the classic movie "The Graduate", could I be his Mrs. Robinson?

LOL!!!!! Some tweeners right now are going "HUH?"

Jewels64 said...
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Tess said...

I'm going to offer my place as a hide out..

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