Vanity Fair Article about Apple store appearance

Vanity Fair has an article about last night's appearance. I got the parts concerning Rob, the rest is HERE


They’re all here to bat for Team Edward, played by fast-rising English actor Robert Pattinson, a real-life casualty of the movie based on the Wizard Books That Shall Not Be Named. It’s clear that something massive is about to happen where “Rob” is concerned. With the cast’s first appearance at Comic-Con over the summer, a symphonic frenzy of screaming not heard since the landing of the Beatles erupted when Mr. Pattinson took the stage (which is perhaps the reason why the Apple store chose to play “I Am the Walrus” in the background). Tonight is no different.

Catherine goes on to discuss the first audition between the already-cast Kristen Stewart (“Bella”) and Robert Pattinson, which took place in her master bedroom. “These two had chemistry,” she teases, to a collective “Awwwwww!” response from the audience. “He does not look like the boy next door.”

With that, the simmering frenzy can no longer be contained. Squeals erupt from the back of the crowd, and it’s clear to the Apple employees that they better bring Rob to the stage lest the fangs start coming out. When the first syllables of “Edward Cullen” are announced, the room shatters into a jumping, pounding, cacophonous mania. Then he emerges.
“OH. MY. GOD!” says the girl on the second row. ‘I LOVE YOU, EDWARD!!!” yells the girl next to her.

With his head down, hair tucked under a tatty ski cap, Pattinson slinks to the stage wearing an expression of pink-faced bewilderment. It’s clear this response still takes him by surprise. In gray jeans, vintage tee, oversized coat, and black Nike sneakers, he’s the best looking boy in Williamsburg, equal parts James Dean looks and Johnny Depp allure. He squints, they shriek. He smiles, they roar. The girls are again instructed to “be cool.” Holding the mic between two fingers like a forgotten cigarette, Pattinson mumbles shyly amid various shout-outs from the crowd. He talks about their long shoot in Portland, Oregon, how his coven family, the Cullens, “stuck together,” and how when shooting the titular last scene in the film he found it “difficult to do a fight scene when you’re trying to pout at the same time.” When asked what of himself he sees in Edward, he caters to the crowd and answers, “Well, I get really carried away when I’m kissing people.” Every fan question begins with “I love you, Rob”—that goes for the older women, too—and everything from his dating status (no, he’s not dating Stewart) to the original songs he wrote, which will be included on the Twilight soundtrack, are dissected. One girl asks what he looks for in a girl, while another girl in the audience answers for him: “Duh, a heartbeat!” They’ve all done their homework, and each girl who asks a question is rewarded with one of Pattinson’s briefly lingering stares. Although he often steers away from answering certain questions, shyly not knowing what to say, the gathering is more about just having the opportunity to sit in the room with him, hearing his voice and watching him contort cross-legged on an office chair. It’s about finally getting to be with their immortalized Edward. The Apple employees try to get the audience to focus on a projected Twilight trailer (which, of course, everyone’s seen a million times already, geez!) while Rob & Co. attempt to leave the building. It’s futile. His scent is trailed by the hungry mob right out onto the street. As everyone gathers outside, there’s an overwhelming feeling of girl power.


babbles said...

Really good article:
I liked the "He squints, they shriek. He smiles, they roar." and "Holding the mic between two fingers like a forgotten cigarette," This has been a good week of Rob, all positive and he looks and sounds healthy and well... I am happy...
Thnx Goz

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