Caption Robert Pattinson - "Hidden" Competition

Seeing as Kazrob was lucky enough to win in the last caption competition she decided that she'd like the person who came second to have the book but we've decided that she also won fair and square so we're giving both of you a book !

So Kazrob & Caylav0812 can you please contact us at and we'll get your prizes out to you ASAP!

This is the last copy of "Hidden" that we have to give away.
Thanks fo all the great captions!
Once again I'm so glad that I didn't have to choose a winner! I wouldn't be able to.

So todays lucky winner, who will receive a copy of "Hidden" is................



She captioned this pic with.......

Dad? I thought I was your one and only Bear...why have you got a Grizzly too?


Congrats Kazrob
We'll get your book out to you ASAP.

The Top 3 after Kazrob were:

"Bear: I think you should be walking him instead of me..."

"Look! It's the marvelous adventures of Sexy, Woofy & Scruffy!!!!!"

"Bear: and he calls ME Bear...geez"

{giggle} I love them all!

Remember if you weren't lucky enough to win you can still get your hands on the book at these places.

In Print


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