Kristen Stewart mentions Robert Pattinson and Breaking Dawn to La Semaine


Speaking to La Semaine about Breaking Dawn, Kristen Stewart mentions Robert Pattinson. Here are the Rob bits. The article was translated:

LS: Fans are excited about the wedding… What can you tell us?
KS: It’s really, really beautiful. I remember that on set, I went to see Bill Condon, our producer and told him ‘Wow, thank you for letting me act out such a beautiful wedding’. It was very personal for me. All the actors were there, Stephenie was there as well, sitting in the back. It was a great feeling! There was… oh, I’m saying things I’m not supposed to talk about. I have problems filtering myself. I’m transparent, like Rob. (laughs)


LS: After all these years, you finally experienced the vampire makeup. Was Rob right when he complained?
KS: (laughs)He had every right to complain! You’re under the impression of being jailed within your body all day, even though it helps to play the role. We were aware of all movements. The contacts were awful. We couldn’t see anything. It was really hard when Rob and I were doing scenes with both of us wearing them.

Click HERE to read the interview in its entirety and view the scans.

Source: @IzzieSpice | Via: @PattinsonStew
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