People Love To Talk About Robert Pattinson Part 180

Well you all know that WE love to talk about Robert Pattinson, we never get tired of it, but it seems that other people also love talking about Rob too and who can blame them?

First up Rob's Director in "Cosmopolis" David Cronenberg had some lovely things to say about him in an upcoming interview with Awards Daily (we'll have the interview up for you as soon as it's out). Can't wait to read it.



Next up Anna Kendrick, she is once again being quizzed on if she has a crush on Rob (that's hardly a fair question, I mean what female doesn't?)

From The Mercury (check out the full interview there)

In her short career, Kendrick has already co-starred opposite three of Hollywood’s dreamiest dreamboats: Gordon-Levitt, Rob Pattinson and George Clooney.

Has she gotten a crush on any of them?

“No,” said the actress. “You have to be professional. And you’re around them so much that you begin to think of them as family. It doesn’t cross your mind after a while to think of them (romantically).(Kate: You're a better woman than me Anna. I don't think I could stay professional if that was me in the pic below! )

(I had to use this pic, I LOVE IT. Was Rob practicing his vampire skills? )

Anna said : “The only people I might get doe-eyed over are the ’70s versions of Harrison Ford and Paul Newman. Or, like, Cary Grant. So, I don’t think I have anything to worry about on that front. (Kate: Mmmmmm O.K that's fine Anna less competition ;-})

Anna was also asked about kissing Rob (right at the beginning of the video below)

Then Rob's Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson talks about how she can't imagine having the type of fame that Rob has.


From (again read the full interview there)

Emma has struggled with her fame in the past, but is not getting used to it. She’s come to realise things could be worse for her, citing the life Robert Pattinson now leads as one she’d have issues with.

He appeared in Harry Potter too, but shot to international stardom after landing the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight films.

“I can’t even imagine what that kind of fame must be like. So many people must wish they were in his position and think that he has the best life, but actually… there are prices you pay. Don’t interpret that from my perspective; it’s not so bad for me. I’m not in Rob’s position, I don’t have people screaming and crying and clawing at me. I’m so grateful for that,” she said.

People love talking about Rob and his music too, check that out after the cut.....

Charlie Simpson (who used to be in Busted) talks about how he'd like to duet with Rob (Kate: Get in line Charlie!)


Charlie Simpson says that he would jump at the chance to duet with Twilight star, Robert Pattinson. The former Busted member says that Pattinson has got a great voice and he'd love to work with him:

"I heard one of his songs, I think it was on the Twilight soundtrack, someone said I should check out his stuff. [A duet] would be awesome, I'd be well up for that".

And last but not least Adam Scott from Parks And Recreations Sounds off on famous people and of course Robert Pattinson is ONE of those famous people

From The Wall Street Journal

On Rob Pattinson: “No, he is not putting out an album! God, I don’t understand actors who put out albums. I don’t think anyone should take being a famous actor as a cue that it’s time put out an album. (Kate: And how many times has Rob said that people saying this type of thing is one of the reasons he's put off doing it! )
I mean, can you imagine how many albums he’ll sell? So many. So why not, I guess. That would be cool if he came out with an album of really weird growly rock. I would love that, but I fear it’ll be navel-gazing acoustic balladry that’ll make me want to kill myself.”
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