Apology for the redirects

Dear readers,

One of our friends informed us that for the last couple of days when she clicked on the pictures on ROBsessed she was being redirected to a phishing site. After some research we found out that the "sitemeter" widget we had at the bottom of the page was to blame. We had this widget since we founded our site in 2008,  but unfortunately there are a lot of reports on the internet that the widget is no longer safe.

We removed it immediately and did a malware scan on our site, it's completely clean. You can safely browse :)

We would like to thank Laura for letting us know. In the future if any of you have any trouble with our site please do not hesitate to immediately email us at robsessedtips@gmail.com

UPDATE: We got an email saying there was also a "pop-up" problem. When the pop-up is loading there should be a website link displayed somewhere on the page. If you can see that link, please email us so that we can solve the issue.

UPDATE 2: We found the guilty "pop-up" app and removed it but it may take a couple of hours for it to get back to normal :) Thanks for the support!

Thank you, xoxo
Gozde, Kate, Kat, TINK and PJ

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