HQs: "The love affair between Dior Homme and Robert Pattinson continues..."

HQs: "The love affair between Dior Homme and Robert Pattinson continues..."

He was already the face of the Dior Homme Fragrance and he was thrilled to be also the face for fashion." ~ Sidney Toledano, chief executive officer of Christian Dior Couture

And what a face.



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Rob's GORGEOUS Dior Homme pics are everywhere today and the internets are a-chatterin'. Here are some excerpts from some of my fave DiorRob gushing. Click the links to read the full articles.
WWD: "Dior Homme was so enamored with Robert Pattinson as the face of its fragrance that the company is now using the “Twilight” actor in its apparel ads as well. And it has turned to Karl Lagerfeld to shoot Pattinson for the fall pre-collection ads that will be released on April 1." 
Fashionista: "For Pattinson and Dior fans alike, this is exciting news: It's the first time Dior Homme has ever had a celebrity front its apparel ads...Lagerfeld captured the brooding actor in an appropriately moody black-and-white scheme. Sporting an impressively coiffed James Dean hairstyle (and a teeny-tiny earring visible in one of the two images, below!), Pattinson is looking better than ever." 
Popsugar: "...the star is lending his good looks to Dior Homme's ready-to-wear collection, appearing in its Fall 2016 campaign, and we have to say — the guy looks good. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself, the two black-and-white photos show Robert looking more polished and intense than we've ever seen him before." 
VMAN: "The love affair between Dior Homme and Robert Pattinson continues as the actor becomes the first celebrity to front a ready-to-wear campaign for the brand." 
GQ: Dior Homme had just been hiring male models for ad campaigns. Then, everything changed. Somewhere between planning for his next spate of projects (there are three in the works!) and fending off Twilight diehards (they're definitely still around), Robert Pattinson managed to find time for his latest job: being the first celebrity face of Dior Homme clothing. 
TheGloss: "The ads, unsurprisingly, are fantastic, and very Hufflepuff-y, if I do say so myself." 
People: "Pattinson was recently named the new face of Dior Homme’s Ready-to-Wear collection, which marks the first time the brand has used a Hollywood star to front the line. It’s no surprise they made an exception for Pattinson, seeing as his Dior Homme fragrance ads were a major, smoldering hit."

Click for HQs of the ads including the BTS shot and the Numero Homme cover (Rob's in Dior Homme)
I don't know why the thumbnails are faded. I think they're dying from how hot Rob is. But when you click, they're perfect and then you'll die from how hot Rob is.
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We got crop happy because HOW CAN YOU NOT???
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