Happy Birthday Tink!

Dear Robsessors,

Today we celebrate the birthday of the Robcyclopedia of our team!

She knows every Rob picture, every Rob movie, every memorable and not so memorable Rob moment. Nothing about Robert Pattinson is mundane to her.

Happy birthday TINK! We love you for being so ROBsessed, so addicted and so devoted ;)

We love you for your passion and your kind heart and we're proud to be your partners in crime.

Gozde, Kate, Kat and PJ

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Kat's signature picspam is waiting for you after the cut and I think she outdid herself this time! So yummmmm :))

 photo 12816789_1397872603845653_784087835_nbig.jpg  photo 03824d23-4dbc-4edd-a800-5dc23ef4e5a3.jpg  photo robert_pattinson_jean_baptiste_mondino_dior1.jpg  photo robert_pattinson_jean_baptiste_mondino_dior4.jpg  photo tumblr_o3dqq8zyhq1snei55o1_1280.jpg
 photo b51d3167-77f1-412e-82c5-bad6247b2994.jpg  photo c64f37bf-9384-4f3e-bfe7-f8903d50c0e9.jpg
 photo robert_pattinson_jean_baptiste_mondino_dior3.jpg  photo visuel2_rpattinson_slideshow.jpg  photo image.jpg
 photo 079992ea-188b-47c4-ad8b-0ab5576c6239.jpg 


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