TWEETS: Robert Pattinson checks out Broadway mega-hit, Hamilton?? (June 1)

TWEETS: Robert Pattinson checks out Broadway mega-hit, Hamilton?? (June 1)

GAAAAAH! I'm hesitant about posting some tweets without pictures but 1. the source has a picture of herself at Richard Rogers theater where Hamilton is playing way before she tweeted about Rob, 2. her Rob tweet is around the time one would leaving the show and 3. I, all-caps and bold, LOVE Hamilton so this is just much excite!

I got to see Hamilton in April and it took my breath away. All the hype? It's worth it and more. I wish everyone could see this musical NOW but I know it's going to take a while for it to spread. I'm so psychotically addicted to it - I haven't listened to any other music other than the cast album since April, I got books and paraphernalia, and I've purchased season tickets (7 musicals including Hamilton) at the Pantages in LA just so I could secure my LA ticket to Hamilton before individual tickets open to the public. The show isn't even here until August....2017!
LA folks, check out that season ticket deal at the Pantages (that theater is in LIFE, y'all! Yes I'm talking about Rob now.) The other shows are worth your attention and the price is right. And if you're in Chicago or San Francisco, see what's up because it's coming to you there before it hits LA.
Hamilton is the real deal and if you love musicals, you're going to go bonkers for it.  Even if you think you're not into musicals, it's practically impossible to not be impressed at the least and blown away at the most.

So. LOL Yeah I LOVE Hamilton and I LOVE Rob and all is right in the world. Such a big soulmateswithRob moment! I know I share it with Rhonda. ;)

 photo tumblr_nwg4rvMm3I1s27ctto2_500.gif

Oh! And maybe Lin-Manuel (creator, etc., everything awesome, guy above) will share a pic if Rob went backstage! It's something that happens often so we can certainly hope.

 photo ham7.gif

(Yes those are Hamilton gifs. I'm done now.)


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