First Glimpse: Good Life with Robert Pattinson

The first glimpse of 'Good Life' the upcoming Safdie brothers film starring Robert Pattinson was spotted in Les Cahiers du Cinéma.

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Josh and Benny Safdie finished the post-production of 'Good Time'. Like their previous movie 'Heaven knows what' the screenplay is by Josh Safdie and Ronald Bronstein,. It’s a movie about brotherly love between 2 brothers played by Benny Safdie and … Robert Pattinson. Josh Safdie decided to send us this picture in which his brother is in bad shape. "We shot in a real prison in Queens with friends that have criminal records, and some friends of these friends, who got out of jail only a few weeks before filming. It was mad, a kind of Stanford experience but more twisted. We hired former prison guards to play the guards. In fact we completely recreated 'Rikers Island' (the biggest prison in New York). It created a strange energy, menacing. This picture was taken on set in "the day room" with a "3 stars" general from The Bloods (one of the most famous American gangs). A really nice and charismatic guy named Jerome."

So now we know Rob stars with Benny Safdie as his brother!

Thanks to Pattinson Art Work for the translation


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