MORE: Robert Pattinson and his handsome and elegant allure at Dior's Paris fashion show and exhibit (July 3)

MORE: Robert Pattinson and his handsome and elegant allure at Dior's Paris fashion show and exhibit (July 3)

Some more great pics from DiorRob's adventures in Paris! Sorry not sorry for any duplicates ;) You know you love seeing him.
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Work it, Rob, WERK. IT.
 photo DIORPFW20170703__16_.jpg

Sexy in black on black...
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*whines* I wanna be Graaaace
 photo PP33.jpg

I want to tell Brigitte, "We know."
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Caption: Brigitte Macron, left, wife of President Emmanuel Macron of France, talking with Bernard Arnault, chief executive of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, and the actor Robert Pattinson, right foreground. Earlier this year, Mr. Arnault announced a series of financial moves to consolidate LVMH’s control over Dior.


Fashion Show
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 photo DiorPFW__1_.jpg  photo DiorPFW__5_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__4_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__6_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__5_.jpg

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 photo PP86.jpg  photo PP61.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__24_.jpg
 photo DIORPFW20170703__26_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__17_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__16_.jpg  photo V1CyZwFB.jpg  photo V377R77T.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__1_.jpg  photo PP50.jpg  photo PP56.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__25_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__23_.jpg
 photo PP83.jpg  photo PP67.jpg  photo PP68.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__10_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__13_.jpg
 photo PP79.jpg  photo PP82.jpg  photo PP78.jpg  photo PP77.jpg  photo PP76.jpg
 photo DIORPFW20170703__14_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__12_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__11_.jpg  photo PP51.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__9_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__20_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__8_.jpg  photo QhjJ42TZ.jpg  photo wWjIdC02.jpg  photo PP80.jpg  photo PP81.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__21_.jpg  photo PP55.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__19_.jpg  photo PP62.jpg  photo PP63.jpg   photo PP75.jpg  photo PP74.jpg  photo PP53.jpg  photo PP52.jpg  photo DiorPFW__2_.jpg
 photo DiorPFW__3_.jpg  photo DIORPARISFASHION3rdJuly2017__30_.jpg  photo PP54.jpg
 photo Dior-Couture-FW17-Paris-9134-1499090266-mediumbigthumb.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__7_.jpg
 photo DiorPFW__4_.jpg  photo PP49.jpg  photo PP47.jpg  photo PP46.jpg  photo PP45.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__3_.jpg  photo PP44.jpg  photo PP48.jpg  photo PP42.jpg  photo PP43.jpg  photo PP39.jpg  photo PP41.jpg  photo PP40.jpg
 photo PP37.jpg  photo DIORPARISFASHIONSHOW__9_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__2_.jpg  photo DIORPFW20170703__18_.jpg

 photo Pattinson_mdmmacron.jpg  photo WWDSF.jpg  photo Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 4.02.16 PM.png  photo DD92sgCWsAIeGie.jpg-large.jpeg  photo Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 4.25.57 PM.png

Inside exhibit chatting with long time UK agent, Grace, and Cara Delevingne 
 photo PP8.jpg  photo PP33.jpg  photo PP29.jpg  photo PP28.jpg  photo PP27.jpg  photo PP23.jpg  photo PP15.jpg  photo PP11.jpg  photo PP9.jpg  photo PP10.jpg  photo PP21.jpg  photo PP1.jpg
 photo PP32.jpg  photo PP31.jpg  photo PP30.jpg  photo PP22.jpg  photo PP12.jpg  photo PP16.jpg  photo PP6.jpg  photo PP14.jpg  photo PP13.jpg  photo PP2.jpg  photo PP20.jpg  photo PP19.jpg  photo PP7.jpg
 photo PP5.jpg  photo PP25.jpg  photo PP26.jpg  photo PP18.jpg  photo PP17.jpg  photo PP4.jpg  photo PP3.jpg  photo PP24.jpg
 photo insideExibitionDior__1_.jpg  photo insideExibitionDior__3_.jpg  photo insideExibitionDior__2_.jpg

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