Robert Pattinson's 'High Life' Will Have It's World Premiere At TIFF

Robert Pattinson's 'High Life' Will Have It's World Premiere At TIFF

We were wondering and waiting patiently to see where High Life by Claire Denis would premiere and it's finally popped up at the Toronto International Film Festival.
The Festival runs from September 6th - 16th but at present there is no date announced for the premiere (we'll update as soon as it's announced).

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From The Hollywood Reporter

Elsewhere, Claire Denis' first English-language feature, High Life, wasn't ready for Cannes and is headed to Toronto for a gala world premiere, with Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche toplining the spacey drama about a group of criminals sent on a mission into a black hole.

From Indiewire

One of the more anticipated movies at Cannes this year was the latest effort from French auteur Claire Denis, with possibly her first English-language project — a CGI-laced space adventure starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche in the story of criminals traveling to a black hole. It didn’t make the cut at the May festival, and when Bailey saw it in Paris at Denis’ invitation, it still wasn’t quite ready. “I saw it before most of the effects were in,” he said. “She’s doing something brand new, but it’s a science-fiction movie in Claire Denis’ own way. She can do anything.” He singled out Andre Benjamin’s supporting role in the film as worthy of discussion alongside Pattinson and Binoche, and predicted that buyers would be interested. “The major distributors including streaming companies are picking up more titles earlier, but you’re still going to see things like the Claire Denis film that come in with strong sales interest based on the reputation of the filmmaker and the actors involved,” he said.


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