Robert Pattinson Features On The Cover Of 'So Film' (France)

Robert Pattinson Features On The Cover Of 'So Film' (France)

The issue will feature a new interview with Rob (preview snippet below) and is available on Friday 9th Nov!

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Preview of interview (translated with Google Translate)

Interview. How do you go from a vampire romance (Twilight) to a sensory trip in space with Juliette Binoche? 
As this month High Life, the new Claire Denis movie comes out, Robert Pattinson pays for his burger at lunchtime in a chic restaurant in London, to talk about a career without downtime, who saw the idol of teens turn into an icon on the skin of a cinema author as chic as disturbed: Cronenberg, brothers Safdie, Herzog, James Gray ... The kid who skimmed open mic 'evenings, imitating Bebel is now a big boy.



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