VIDEO: Robert Pattinson as Batman has expressed itself and this comic vlogger is ready to go!

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson as Batman has expressed itself and this comic vlogger is ready to go!

This has been like a dream. I believe it's happening but I can't believe it's happening. How is this happening?? *prays Cannes press is wondering the same thing*

As if my mind couldn't be more blown, I saw my worlds collide today. I'm a huge fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Game of Thrones. Not really admitting something unique here but I'm not a casual watcher of either. I'm a first-showing, multiple-viewing, blog-reading, vlog-watching, constant-analyzing, deep-researching, from the beginning kind of fan. ROBsessed....but GoTsessed and MCUsessed.

However, they've never had that singular THING that Rob has for us so the obsessions have been...quieter. 10 years ago this month, I became ROBsessed. It was April '09 I read the Twilight series but it was May '09 I saw GQRob (you know the one) for the first time, CannesRob hit the scene for the first time, and I discovered this blog. It's a special month for me personally. I didn't know the fandom yet. It was just me, the books, and this guy that I couldn't stop watching and listening to in interviews. What a world I was about to enter.

Which all leads to me being thrilled today to have my regular MCU and GoT informant report on Rob. A vlogger I love and follow because he's a comic reader and book reader, has posted about Batman. He was supportive of Rob like anyone who realizes Rob did not hibernate since Breaking Dawn Part 2 seven years ago. No, Rob put in the WORK. The man is respected by his peers. The industry values his talent and taste. He's being defended by fanboys in the know. And Rob will be AMAZING as Bruce Wayne/Batman. We know this. We've seen it. It's going to be fun to watch everyone else come to know it too.

So I want to share this video with you all still out there, still addicted and devoted. We're entering a new era. Again. Time to understand another fandom, another world (unless you've been Batsessed). Check out this video from Emergency Awesome breaking down what's known about Matt Reeves' The Batman and the concept behind the plot details. I'm not a comic reader so I don't know Batman's history beyond the films. This video already gave me more info than any article I've read since the announcement. I hope it gets you more pumped if we aren't all floating in the atmosphere already. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!


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