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Talking Pictures from Metropole

Nikki is trying to solve the "rocket science" problem to get free beer, Kristen's bro is helping and Rob is cheering them on:

She couldn't solve it, turns to ask Kristen what 3 times 5 is.
Kristen is thinking: "Is she for real? We should've stopped her at 5 beers"
The big guy next to Kristen is VERY interested or is trying to multiply 3x5.
Kristen's bro is over it.
And Rob is just bored :)

Source: [info]team_kbitch

New Pictures from Metropole

Too close for comfort or am I just jealous? I think both :)
Hillary cut out the too close for comfort girl out from this picture :) (No offense to her, I am just a jealous bitch. Kudos to her for taking her chance :))

Source:Random Acts of Rob and check them out if you are a Sam Bradley fan, they have pictures and video of Sam's appearance in Toronto.[via RobPattzNews]
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