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ROBsessed is back with Robert Pattinson and his jawline

My dear ROBsessors,

We has some serious issues with moving our blog domain to our new host and it took us a couple of days to have it back up. 

I had a minor panic attack when the blog went down and have been trying everything I could for the past 2 days. 

I know we haven't been updating the blog for quite some time now but this blog, the readers and Rob means so much to us. Thank you for still being here 💖

One positive thing this eff up with moving domains brought up is that I feel like I should start blogging again. 

So here are a couple of pictures to start with... The jawline game is insane y'all! 

Big hugs,
Gozde  (Kate, Kat, Tink and PJ)

New Twitter Account For Robsessed

 photo 1si4vbjpg.gif

 Pictured above is me binge eating my sorrows away because Twitter suspended our account with no warnings and no chance to correct the mistake we’ve made. We are trying to clear it up but all we get from twitter are automatic replies.

So it’s time to pick ourselves up and start over!

 photo Dancing.gif

Please follow us on our new twitter HERE and help us spread the word to try and pick up the pieces 💔💔

   photo gif13.gif

Thank you all for your never ending support!

Happy Birthday Kate!

 photo Kate 800.jpg

Dear ROBsessors,

Today is a great day because our most loved and least violent "villager" Kate was born  :) Please help us celebrate this sweet, thoughtful, wonderfully ROBsessed woman's birthday!

We love you Kate! Love your undying loyalty and love for Rob, for this blog, for our readers and most importantly for US ;)

Hope you have a happy, healthy, peaceful, Robfull year!

Gozde, Kat, Tink and PJ

Kat's signature picspam is after the cut and it's full of Rob handporn :)
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