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Dearest Kat,

We wanted to send you wishes for the best birthday ever, filled with all the Rob and TDP a girl could ask for.

Thank you for being part of our team and for your wicked sense of British humour.

We love you to bits and hope that you have the best day ;) Cheers to another year of being 21!!

Lots of Love,

Gözde, Kate, Tink & PJ 

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Is it just another day during the pandemic? NOPE! 
It's Kate's birthday!
A global pandemic can't stop us from virtually celebrating and we're all pros at social distance *stares towards Ireland thousands of miles away*.
We hope you have a joyful day and we wish we were with you to clink a glass while wearing a mask. 
Cheers to you, Kate! 
We love you. :)
Gözde, Kat, Tink, and PJ

A classic Rob PicSpam for our Classic Kate!
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We love you, Rob, and wish you the happiest birthday! 

Even though you're in lockdown we hope that you're having a great birthday and we want to thank you for treating us to the gift of a new photoshoot. And because it's your birthday the photos just had to be turned into wallpapers (because that's what we do!)

We love, adore and support you! (We also sometimes cyber stalk you , sorry about that, but the ROBsessed masses demand it and we do it with love 😚)

Have a great year filled with love and happiness!

ROBsessors, show him some love in the comments! 💃💗

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I'm sorry there were just too many great pics, so there's loads of wallpapers!

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Happy Birthday Kat!

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Dear Robsessors,

Please join us in celebrating our resident British moderator Kat!

Not only does she bring us one degree closer to Rob due to her bloodline she's a great friend, funny as hell, smart and pretty!

Kat, we wish you lots of tear duct, smiling, laughing, naked photos/videos of Rob this year! Oh and health, wealth, happiness etc but the photos are just as important 😇

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Today's the day to celebrate our beloved! No, not Rob. 
It's Gözde's birthday!!!
Goz, we adore you and hope your day is as special as you deserve. 
We hope your whole month is as special as you deserve. 
The whole YEAR! 
Take the whole year and live each day knowing you're loved and valued.

Happiest of birthdays always.
Love, Kate, Kat, Tink & PJ

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Dear Tink,

Another year has passed and once again we are celebrating your Birthday. We hope your special day is filled with love, laughter and lots of Rob.

Thanks for your friendship and your never-ending love for Rob. 

Happy Birthday,

Love Always,
Goz, Kate, Kat & PJ

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VIDEO: Robert Pattinson wow'd by the upcoming Twilight anniversary

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson wow'd by the upcoming Twilight anniversary




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It's time to celebrate the birth of the one and only Mr Robert Pattinson! His has achieved SO much in his 31 years. We know that there are many, many more great things to come and we will be here following every step of the way.

We wish Rob the happiest of Birthday's and hope he has the best day celebrating with loved ones!

As always fans have been busy and the lovely Bru and Nere have made some gorgeous Birthday Videos and Verena made the fab banner.

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HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY, ROBERT PATTINSON! Plus enter our special ROBsessed Giveaway!

HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY, ROBERT PATTINSON! Plus enter our special ROBsessed Giveaway!

 photo Rob-Birthday-Wallpaper.jpg

If something special hadn't happened 29 years ago today, we wouldn't all be here - friends brought together from so many different places around the world! 
But thankfully here we are, the ROBsessed celebrating the birthday of Robert Pattinson. 
With another great year of Rob to look forward to, let's raise our glasses to a lot more fun, talent and sexy on the countdown to the big three oh! 

The love doesn't stop there! Readers sent in their sweet birthday messages for Rob that you can view in our birthday video, ROBsessed reader, Beck Anderson, has a special birthday giveaway for you guys and we design HQ wallpapers for Rob's birthday.

Thanks to our readers that sent in such sweet messages, personal photos and your fave Rob pics to wish Rob all the best for his 29th birthday. 
And thank you, Andreea, for the perfect song suggestion!
We love you guys! 

On to the giveaway!

We've visited Beck Anderson's novel, FIX YOU, a few times on the blog and now she has a brand new sequel. Beck wanted to give our readers a treat in honor of Rob's 29th birthday! You have a chance to win the eBook, TROUBLE ME, as well as a $25 gift card for Amazon! Here's the synopsis:
 photo 25346379.jpgIn Fix You, movie star Andrew Pettigrew (Andy to his fans, Andrew to his friends) somehow found the level-headed love he was looking for in young widow and “regular girl” Kelly Reynolds. Now, as they work to mesh their growing relationship with his gold-statue ambitions, things go a bit sideways, in true Hollywood fashion.

Though they’re still wonderfully in love, it’s challenge enough for Andrew and Kelly to decipher what it means to be a family—and a growing family at that—between takes on set. But Andrew also brings history with a temperamental co-star, assorted paparazzi, and someone out there who has serious, perhaps obsessive, issues with him into the mix. Suddenly the Reynolds-Pettigrew clan must fight not just to stay together, but to stay safe.
In Trouble Me, the sequel to Fix You and third novel from Rita finalist Beck Anderson, Kelly and Andrew struggle to stay sane within their whirlwind life. It’s a life that’s equal parts amazing and amusing, less glamorous than you might expect, and spiked with very real fears no amount of stardom can overcome.

Will Andrew and Kelly be torn apart, or will they help each other stay strong at their broken places?
The giveaway is worldwide and will last until May 20th. 
Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
And last but not least, you can enjoy this gorgeous man on your desktop on his birthday and beyond! Enjoy!

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See all the birthday messages from the video under the cut!

Happy Happy Birthday Goz

 photo GozBday.jpg 

It's that time of the year! 
Time to celebrate the birthday of the special person who made this wonderful place a reality. 
Goz, this is the seventh year we celebrate your birthday on the blog, and we're hoping for, at the very least, seven more. 
The friendships that have been made, the people brought together, all because of you.
We're honoured to call you our friend and we wish you the happiest of birthdays. 
May all your (Rob) wishes come true!
With love,
Kat, Kate, Tink and PJ xoxox

Rob in a Tux should be the highlight of every birthday!

 photo robert-pattinson-cannes-fil.jpg  photo robert-pattinson-hot-guys-in-tuxes_350x450.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonFKATwigs.MetGala15 13.jpg  photo rpatzclose.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonFKATwigs.MetGala15 16.jpg  photo robert-pattinson-oscars-red-carpet-02209-lg-20450025.jpg  photo robert-pattinson-65th-cannes-film-festival-08.jpg 
   photo NEWRobertPattinsonInCannes2-1.jpg  photo B-hQ3TDCMAA-wjy.png  photo RobertPattinsonFKATwigs.MetGala15 15.jpg  photo 11_film_water_for_elephants_pattinson_tuxedo.jpg 
    photo Robert-Pattinson-in-Gucci-Made-to-Order-Midnight-Navy-Marseille-Grosgrain-Peak-Lapel-One-Button-Tuxedo.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonFKATwigs.MetGala15 27.jpg  photo tcoalstill.jpg  photo gallery_main-robert-pattinson-pants-unbottoned-smoke-break-07152010-01.jpg
 photo RobertPattinsonFKATwigs.MetGala15 14.jpg  photo spl178765_002-wm900.jpg  photo a3d06be138d4677f48e9c8cb041c42a5.jpg 
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