Sofar Sounds Talk About Robert Pattinson

Sofar Sounds Talk About Robert Pattinson

You might remember the video above going around the internet a while back.
It's a vid of Robert Pattinson performing for "Songs From A Room" back in January.

Pattinson_Music LJ were lucky enough to have the chance to interview the people behind the video, Sofar Sounds

Here's where they asked about Rob.

Lastly, if you don’t mind, I’d like to inquire a bit about Robert Pattinson’s performance on behalf of our community. Did he volunteer to play? Can you describe his performance style, his musical style for us?

He sure did. He was in the audience and clearly enjoying the music. Halfway through the gig he asked if we would mind if he played. As there were 5 other acts pre booked to play we said ‘sure!’ but that it would have to be at the end of the night. He was nervous –Rob said it had been about a year since he had played live and hoped he remembered what to do. He was very down to earth and shy about it. It was getting late once he grabbed the guitar and walked to the ‘stage’ (the front of a private home in north london) - so we agreed he’d play one song. He has a very rich and soulful style – sweet-sad lyrics – a sound not unlike his friends Marcus Foster and Bobby Long.

We’ve been so patient waiting for him to perform and your clip gave us so much hope! Do you plan on releasing the full song he performed? And can you see him returning for another performance?

We will definitely release the full clip of his performance in the coming months. Just arranging when a good time to do so (watch this space: And as he truly enjoyed playing Songs From A Room (and played well), I’m pretty certain he’ll be back.

To read the full interview head over to Pattinson_Music LJ
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