What Was Robert Pattinson For Halloween 2008?

Here's a video of Robert Pattinson from October 31st 2008, Halloween.
As you can see he wore the costume of a living God :

And here is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson from the same night. Kristen, like Rob, suited up for Halloween that year:


Thanks to[info]ljmd in kstewartfans :)

Note from the owner of the video: Me & two friends of mine were in the private zone with them cause we met Kristen Stewart & Michael Angarano (her ex boyfriend) the day before so they recognized us in this place and gave us the permission to stay with them. She's one of the sweetest person of the world :) BTW we didn't talk to much to Rob&Kris cause we didn't want bothering them :)
( I was filming and the girl who's talking with Rob is a friend of mine who just wanted to wish him goodluck for the movie and for his career...Just wanted to make it clear before anyone could think strange things! LOL )
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