"The Buried Life" dish more about their upcoming episode with Robert Pattinson

"The Buried Life" dish more about their upcoming episode with Robert Pattinson

Speaking with UsMagazine.com, the guys from MTV's "The Buried Life" talked a little bit more about "stealing" Robert Pattinson's lock of hair. I'll discuss why I put "stealing" in quotes at the end of the post ;)

UsMagazine.com: Way to be the envy of women everywhere now that you've bonded with one of the world's hottest vampires! How did this whole plan come together?
Jonnie Penn:
The item we wanted to cross off our list was No. 48: accept a dare. This season on the show, we wanted to do things that were really difficult and we asked the audience to challenge us to do something we didn't want to do. Stealing a lock of Robert Pattinson's hair seemed like the most impossible from the list our fans sent us on Facebook. Someone wrote in asking if we'd steal Mike Tyson's tiger from The Hangover, which sounded also very difficult, but could also be deadly, so we decided not to do that one.

Us: Were you a Twi-hard when you began this task?
JP: I was as familiar with him as the next person, but we had to do research online and on Twitter beforehand.

Us: You didn't have R-Pattz posters on your bedroom walls?
JP: No. But now I do! [Laughs]

Us: Dave and Duncan joined you on this task, which involved a movie premiere, an after-party and a tiny pair of scissors. Who was the one who actually yanked out his hair?
JP: Honestly, it wasn't a tackle and take down. We told him Rob we were dared to steal a lock of his hair and asked if he'd do it. He looked at me like I was crazy, but he ultimately said yes. We explained that it wasn't something necessarily that we were asking him for, but we told him the truth that we were put up to it. I guess he considered it and figured one little hair wouldn't hurt. He played along, which I commend him for. We chatted a little bit -- he was with two friends.

Us: Do you know if Rob watches The Buried Life?
JP: I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets asked about this. That would be cool if he watches. We could use a vampire on The Buried Life!

Us: So, do you prefer Rob bearded or clean-shaven?
JP: Well, No. 15 on our list [of 100 things to do before we die] is grow a moustache, so anybody who can cross that off before me I commend!

Us: So where did the hair end up? On eBay?
JP: We talked about exploding it out of a cannon, and Duncan joked about putting it under his pillowcase so he could sleep at night. We also considered using it to grow another Robert Pattinson, but none of those ideas panned out. I feel like we did the right thing with the hair in the end, which you'll see on Monday's show.

Find out what happened when the guys cornered Rob to steal his locks -- and what they did with the famous strands -- when The Buried Life airs Monday at 10:30 p.m. (EST) on MTV.

Tink: There's also a video from MTV giving us more of an idea of where these guys "stole" Robert Pattinson's lock of hair.

So it was at Hotel Cafe. We can make a guess that it was one of Sam's shows during the summer since Rob attended 3 out of 4 of those. I'm not stalking...proof is in the pictures ;) I'd also take a bet the 2 friends he was with were Sam and Tom.

Can't wait to see :)

Now why am I quoting "steal"? Well...because clearly from their article, they didn't steal a lock of Rob's hair. They do know what steal means, right? So they failed their challenge. I'm wildly competitive and I would disqualify their submission on the technicality.

I move to reissue a NEW dare to "The Buried Life"!

DARE: Find Robert Pattinson and snatch off his baseball cap. FREE THE SEX HAIR!!! FREE THE SEX HAIR!!!!!!

All those in motion say, "AYE!" ;)


Thanks RobPattzNews for the tip!
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