Robert Pattinson wants to assault your desktop

Robert Pattinson wants to assault your desktop

I'm not exactly a photoshop extraordinaire. I'm a bit of a hack. I do some minimal stuff with free programs to get what I want from Rob pictures that smack me in the face and scream, "PUT ME ON YOUR DESKTOP!".

I know that seems violent but don't you feel assaulted when you see a Rob pic? He physically attacks us with his hawtness constantly. At least I feel physically affected ;)

When the assault is so vicious, I've got to make it desktop friendly. Sometimes I do a pretty decent job and I thought I'd share some of my crops and edits with you guys. If you like, I'll pop up more later on.

Look at him making you the love....he's assaulting us!!!!


All the thumbnails are LARGE enough for a desktop so if you like what you see, knock yourself out...or rather ROB will knock you out.

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