How to cope with waiting one more week for Robert Pattinson

By now, we all know seeing Robert Pattinson on the big screen in the US was pushed back one week. Water For Elephants will release on April 22nd instead of April 15th.

MTV's Hollywood Crush has a 7 day program to get you through that additional week.


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Day 1: Regroup

Before, you would have been preparing to catch a Friday screening of "Water for Elephants," but now you need to face the fact you'll have to wait seven more days to see Rob flirting with Reese Witherspoon and hanging out with elephants. Sounds like a quality "Twilight" viewing session is in order.

Tink: Seriously. Who hasn't seen Twilight around these parts? Try something else different for the Regroup stage. Scene It has an edition with all 3 movies :)

Tink: Or pick up the Twilight graphic novel. I read it this year at Twicon in LA and was pleasantly surprised by how fun it was. Hope they complete the series or at least the first book.

Day 2: Re-adjust

Chances are you had been prepping your "Water for Elephants" knowledge for April 15 instead of April 22, so why not refresh your memory of the story and reread the novel the film is based on? The story isn't beloved for nothing.

Tink: I first heard about WFE when Rob was rumored to be attached to the film adaptation. I was reluctant to read it because on the surface I thought, "the circus? really?". I soon ate my skepticism and truly loved this story. Edward has always been my favorite character Rob's played and I think that is in large part because of the amount of info we know about Edward beyond the films. He's a literary character that has more depth in the books than the movies have time to show. Rob playing Jacob Jankowski excited me greatly for this reason. It's a character I have a deeper understanding of due to the book and can not WAIT to see Rob play the role. I think he'll be perfect and Edward is likely going to get some company in my Favorite Rob Characters category.

Day 3: Reassess

Because "Water for Elephants" is told from Rob's character's perspective, we know he survives through most—if not all—of the film. So pop in your copy of "Remember Me" and be comforted by the fact that "Water for Elephants" won't be that depressing.

Tink: RM is depressing :( Whenever I watch it, I find I'll stop the film after his dad bails him out of jail for the 2nd time. I LOVE this movie but I can't make a habit of watching it like I do Rob's other films. I'd be one sad camper. Since Remember Me has gained some much deserved praise at the end of the year, give it a watch and relive how wonderful Rob was in the role and what a true story of love and life it is.

Day 4: Rekindle

You've reached the middle of your seven long days of waiting, which means there are only three days to go! Since you've been containing your affection for RPattz as these extra days stretched by, now sounds like a good time to remind yourself why you loved the man to begin with. Grab your copy of "Eclipse" and watch it with the commentary on. Trust us, it's worth it.

Tink: Agreed. Commentree. That it all.

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