"Manly & Handsome" - Jacqueline West, Costume Designer for WFE, On Robert Pattinson

Yes that's how Jacqueline West the costume designer for "Water For Elephants" described Robert Pattinson looked as Jacob in his roustabout clothes when she was interviewed by Real Style and we have to say we totally agree with her!!


Real Style: What was it like was it working with Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson?

Jacqueline West: It was a treat working with them both. Reese was lovely, collaborative and game about wearing all the very slinky and revealing performance costumes and the very bare thirties gowns and had the perfect body to make them all look alluring. We watched thirties films together and she studied the film goddesses of the era and really got the body language down perfectly. She’s a fabulous actress. It’s wonderful working with good actors! Rob was wonderful. I’d only seen him as a very pale vampire. It was so much fun to see how manly and handsome and period he could become in thirties working class “Brother Can You Spare a Dime” roustabout clothes. He too is very serious about his acting and wore them so well and managed to be so of the period.

Head over to Real Style to read the full interview.
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