Robert Pattinson, The Artist! Bid on his artwork, 'Unfinished City', for a worthy cause with the Arizona Diamondbacks!

Robert Pattinson, The Artist! Bid on his artwork, 'Unfinished City', for a worthy cause with the Arizona Diamondbacks!

UPDATE 4: The dimension for the home plate are 15.5 x 15.5 and the picture is 4 x 6. Also, bidding has reached $3000. :)
UPDATE 3: MORE pics and details in a new post HERE. Bidding is at $2525!
UPDATE 2: Current bid - $2000 :))
UPDATE: Before posting, the bid was at $150. Within an hour of this post, it went to $1000. Power of Rob :) His home plate is now the highest bid on the Home Plate Project's website.

Remember this?


It was only a matter of time before RenaissanceRob shared his artistic side again on plate.

Home Plate Project has an auction going on with several celebrities offering up their artwork on a home plate. Rob was one of those celebs and here's the awesome work!

Unfinished City by Robert Pattinson


More pics HERE. Click HERE to bid on the artwork. Bidding ends August 31st!

Is your heart swelling yet? Wait...there's more!
I reached out to one of the organizers from Home Plate Project (@homeplateprojec) and Tim gave me more information about this awesome, one-of-a-kind, artpiece by Rob!
  • Rob drew the artwork by pencil on a real, wooden, home plate. The plate was painted white and you can see the smudge marks by Rob from the pencil. 
  • Rob drew the artwork about 6 weeks ago. 
  • Rob's assistant, Jeff, knows one of the team members and asked Rob to participate. Rob was excited to do so. 
  • The home plate by Rob also comes with an autographed photo that Rob gave to help with legitimacy. 
  • The home plate is currently being displayed at the Arizona Diamondbacks HQ alongside the Diamondbacks' CEO, Derrick Hall's home plate contribution. Tim said they wanted to display the plates that would get the most attention for the cause. :') 
Tim is sending over more photos of Unfinished City as well as a close up of the autograph and the signed photo from Rob. He was a really sweet guy and said that he hoped the rare artwork from Rob would help their cause. Little did they know the power of Rob was about to be unleashed ;)

Want to know more about the Home Plate Project?
The D-backs Give Back League is a program designed for Arizona Diamondbacks employees to contribute toward the community. We are an independent co-worker coalition, acting beyond any scope of employment with the Arizona Diamondbacks.  
The Home Plate Project is a fundraiser for local non-profits. The idea of the program is to get members of the Arizona community to decorate home plates that will be provided to them. The plates will then be put on-line here for auction. Participants are encouraged to decorate their plate any way they like that shows their personality, their company’s personality, mission, what they do or just any fun idea they choose. They may paint the plate, attach crafts, apply a photo or again; any way they want to creatively use the space. There is one rule; be creative!!!  
For the first year, the Home Plate Project will benefit Ozanam Manor. Ozanam Manor is a local non-profit that helps people with transitional housing. They specialize in helping people over 50-years old who are homeless, or other people with a handicap due to illness or disease, regain their pride and get back on their feet. Many are U.S. Veterans. The money raised from this project will help renovate areas of their building, which was built in the 1930s, and other needs like a storage shed. Ozanam Manor has a success rate of 75% and they need more funding and volunteer help to continue their impressive success rate. Our team will be hands-on helping with projects or other ways like running a “Toiletry Drive” so residents have the things we take for granted each day. You can learn more about this impressive organization by clicking HERE.
Do you love Rob more or what??? Thank you, lifeloveartfilm, for the heads up on this awesome Rob news!


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