Robert Pattinson on MTV First - in a zillion teeny videos!

MTV loves to break it down into a million teeny pieces... but we'll take Robert Pattinson any way we can have him (innuendo intended!)...

As soon as a neater package is available we'll post it here...


Part One: Never Have I Ever

Part Two: I Need A Haircut

Part Three: MTV Movies Brawl

A zillion more parts and pieces after the cut...

Part Four: Looking At A Rock

Part Five: Intro's David Cronenberg to the Twilight Audience

Part Six: Finally An Actor!

Part Seven: No Idea How To Prepare

Part Eight: Not Loosing His Accent

Part Nine: Sex Scenes

Part Ten: Dialogue Not Generic

Part Eleven: His Future - The Rover, Mission: Blacklist and Queen of the Desert

Part Twelve: On Screen Limits

Part Thirteen: Amazed and Confused

Part Fourteen: Personality Profile

Part Fifteen: Back To Music

Part Sixteen: VMA Picks

Did ya survive?



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