Flashback: Addicted and devoted to Robert Pattinson and his music

Flashback: Addicted and devoted to Robert Pattinson and his music

We've been talking about MusicalRob on the blog recently from his jam session with Dermot to SaxophonistRob. In the comments, I catch when people say, "oh I've never seen this, never heard this, never known this!" and I saw that in those posts. We know Rob keeps his musical side pretty protected. The last recording we were privy to was made over two years ago and shared publicly well over a year after that (It's All On You). If you're new to Robsession, you might not know all that is out there with Rob's musical stamp on it.

Since MusicalRob is so beloved, doesn't take much for us to do a post like this :) Let's review all the gems we have from one talented man.

4 years ago, music Rob had self recorded leaked out and gave fans an awesome sampling of his soulful, raw vocal quality. Stray Dog and I'll Be Your Lover Too are my favorites from that series.

Stray Dog

I'll Be Your Lover Too

To Roam

To Roam video with lyrics

Rob also used to frequent open mics and there are a couple videos that captured either his performance of the vocals. The first song that reached my heart and clenched it was I Was Broken. LAWD the emotion in his voice. I heard it first in May 2009, when I became Robsessed. Rob's talent was everywhere in my searches for who this guy playing Edward Cullen was.

I Was Broken - written by Rob's friend Marcus Foster

This is the full version, vocal recording only, also worth a listen. Love the tone he starts the song with.

I adore this live version of Stray Dog. It also kills me because had I been Robsessed during the fall of 08 and not spring of 09, I might have caught this performance in LA.

Stray Dog

These recordings are two more Marcus Foster songs performed live by Rob. Not the best recording but you can hear Rob setting up his songs and singing to his heart's content.

In Your Head

I Don't Mind

More MusicalRob and official recordings after the cut!

Changing gears for only one video, I love that Rob doesn't just sing. He plays multiple instruments. Even if he wants to say he doesn't play them expertly, he's still playing them. The cello purchase sent me melting and I'm also a sucker for a man tickling the ivories. It's been said Rob recorded two hours of his own composition for the possibility of it being used as Bella's Lullaby. It wasn't used for technical reasons (Catherine Hardwicke talks about it on the Twilight commentary) but we were given a sample - over 2 minutes of PianoRob heaven.

Back to the signing and guitar playing, I have much affection for Art in How To Be. My favorite song is Doin' Fine. It's this silly, purposely badly sung song that is so motivational. Probably because we see Art is FINALLY doing just fine. :)

Doin' Fine

This is the official music video from How To Be starting with Rob singing in character (notice how British he sounds compared to his normal singing voice) and Art is so depressing and so bad at it but I love it anyway. How To Be is one of my favorite Rob performances.

Chokin' on Dust

We know these songs so well and they're beautiful studio recordings of Rob. The most official we have. For most, this is the only exposure they have to MusicalRob - the two songs from the Twilight soundtrack.

Never Think - written by Rob and Sam Bradley

I'll never forget it. I was watching Twilight for the first time and that wonderful montage was happening and it looked like a musical video with this gritty, emotional voice singing "I will wrap you in my arms..." and I made a mental note to look up that singer when the movie was over and buy the soundtrack.

Imagine my surprise. The seed was planted. ;) Did you have that moment too?

Let Me Sign - written by Marcus Foster and Bobby Long

I'll close out the post with the video I posted a few days ago, our last recording of MusicalRob.

It's All On You 

*SIGH* Sing for us again, Rob.


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