365 Days of Robert Pattinson: April 14 ~ Pic Of Rob From MTV Movie Awards 2011

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: April 14 ~ Pic Of Rob From MTV Movie Awards 2011

Part 3 of our little series, did you guess right yesterday ? ;-p

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The MTV Movie Awards 2011 turned into the Rob Show. He stole the show and shocked us all time and time again with his antics.

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Here are our fave pics from the night. Be sure to share yours in the comments below.
Tink cheated again I think she should be punished now for breaking the rules. I'll leave it up to Rob to dish out the punishment! I'm sure he'll come up with something good.

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"He came. he saw. he conquered. this was the MTV Rob Awards more than the previous two years. he was on stage every other award it seemed. he was making crazy jokes, he was cussing for Reese, he was kissing Taylor, he was off the charts! im glad we had such a show from him for what would become our last MMARob during the Twilight era. my fave pic is totally the one on the right. bright, cheeky grin skipping off after his shocking, unexpected kiss like he owns the place. he DID own it. :)"

 photo TinkMTVMovie2011.png


"Oh God Rob was on top form this night and it was such a joy to watch. Everytime we got over one shock he threw another at us! {giggles} Who could forget the “I didn’t cut you out, but I did f**k you”, “I bit your head off, now you’re pregnant!” AND the Ultimate kissing Taylor! So I’m choosing this pic. He’s looking SO pleased with himself (and he has every right to be). What a great night it was!"

 photo KateMTVMovie2011.jpg


" I can’t look at this and not laugh… only Rob!"

 photo KatMTVMovieAwards2011.jpg

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