365 Days of Robert Pattinson: April 1 - Gif of Rob laughing

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: April 1 - Gif of Rob laughing

This is our second time with this day and it pops up roughly every other month. How could we not repeat this day? Rob's laugh is so awesome. His face explodes with joy and can leave you breathless. These are just gifs so we don't have the variety of sounds from his laugh but just watch any interview, listen to any commentary and take a trip to RobLaugh heaven.

Happy April Fool's Day! I hope Rob is somewhere having a good, hearty laugh.

"I love that smile, it’s SO contagious"

 photo Laugh-1.gif

"he can light up the world with his laugh. beautiful. infectious. easy and sweet."

 photo tumblr_m980w5GRXV1ql8r0ko1_500-1.gif

"So many to choose from I’m glad this is repeated a few times. How can you not look at this and smile?"

 photo laugh-2.gif

Click the thumbnail if you need to review the April calendar. If you missed the whole year, there's a link on the sidebar :)
 photo April-1.jpg

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